F9Analytics Yield Management Technology Drives Commercial Property Investment Performance

NEW YORK–() – F9Analytics® Real estate terminal cloud delivers dynamic yield management technology to the commercial real estate markets. Like RealPage’s YieldStar for rental income management (for residential real estate), Property Terminal maximizes real estate performance with yield management (for commercial); Offers investors the ability to strategically maximize rental rates to meet both market demand and their own return target.

F9Analytics® Yield management software gives investors a significant competitive advantage by providing variable pricing strategies based on understanding, anticipating and influencing the economic behavior of users / tenants; Providing adaptive finance terms on demand to maximize value from one price point to many price points in real time.

John J. Cona, Chief Executive Officer, said, “The reason this solution has been avoided for the past 30 years is simple – it’s hard. It requires technology better than Excel. It requires a technology that can not only manage and generate one price, but also manage and generate many prices and many pricing strategies in real time – all related to the original value and all increasing in value. ”

The most consistent facet of the innovation is the advanced pricing features offered by the dynamic pricing / rating feature – a feature available exclusively to F9Analytics.Yield management“Solution. Compared to other pricing / rating software over the past 30 years (including Argus), they are all defined as simple” static “pricing / rating software. A” static “price or rating is characterized by a price / rating where users enter fixed price variables and compute a “static” rating – the resulting price is therefore fixed or static. If the market demands different price variables, the solution may require hundreds of attempts by the user in an exhaustive search to isolate the optimum price combination desired This represents the simple pricing / rating option of most of the software in use today.

F9Analytics’ “Yield Management” solution is unique in that it is a “dynamic” pricing and valuation software. A “dynamic” pricing or dynamic evaluation is characterized by a not fixed, but variable and thus dynamic price / evaluation. Algorithms determine the price variables instantly. In a way, the static pricing problem is reversed: starting with a single value (or static price), the user can find many variable pricing strategies, all of which are optimal and maximize the price based on their business objective.

Opportunities for pilot program partners

To support companies in digital transformation and the strategic implementation of yield management, F9Analytics has launched a partner pilot program with up to $ 100,000 in annual benefits for the first year – with ongoing annual discounts for program partners. To learn more, please contact F9Analytics at +1 (213) 444-1678.


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