Gamification: A technology-based strategic marketing trend for brands

Gamification can capture and, above all, keep people’s attention

From Apurv Modi

The industry has grown dramatically since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. The effects of the pandemic can be seen in all industries and companies. Marketers began looking for innovative ideas to reach targeted customers and grow their brand and customer base. The number of different marketing methods, strategies and platform uses has increased, as has the public’s knowledge. People are aware when something is being sold to them and they may be disinterested in any sales communication. This isn’t a surprising cause for concern for marketers looking for new ways to reach their target customers.

This is where gamification comes in. Gamification addresses people’s natural need to “play” and has proven to be an effective way for brands to deliver real value and a good digital experience to customers while increasing brand exposure, customer loyalty and profitability. What gamification does is:

  • Increases the session time of the website;
  • Engages the audience;
  • Social sharing;

Unlike other marketing techniques, email gamification doesn’t require complicated designs or algorithms. A simple email template can be used to design a simple quiz or challenge to uncover a hidden link. It helps in gathering customer information. Gamification uses various techniques to trick consumers into entering personal information (contact information, product preferences) in exchange for rewards (points, prizes, starts, achievements, badges, percentage discount, etc.). People are more inclined to contribute data when they get something back, and more importantly, they get it quickly.

Gamification has emerged as an efficient technique that opens up a new dimension in addressing customers and impresses them with creativity. Whatever task (quiz, puzzle) you want to solve shouldn’t be complicated; Otherwise, customers will quit it immediately. Keep the tasks short and have simple rules of the game; Nobody likes to waste their precious time on complicated things. The element of gamification can be anything, but look for a clean design that appeals to customers. For example, the support of a quiz question with a corresponding picture / GIF. Brands are incentivizing their games with attractive price cuts, coupons, and discounts for customers to grab and use. Brands incorporate gamification into their website and social media handles to drive customer loyalty. Connections with top online gaming platforms like GoGames are a feat. It allows the customers who play the games a sense of competitiveness and achievement, and reap amazing rewards.

In this day and age, we can easily observe gamification as a marketing tool used by brands for better customer loyalty. One of the largest sectors that gamification techniques are used in India is in e-commerce. The daily online quiz and daily Bollywood Trivia are popular with the public. These brands offer virtual coins as a reward where customers can use them as real money when purchasing certain products. Online food delivery platforms for IPL 2020 introduced matchday mania with a cricket quiz and in return offered discounts on food orders on their platform. Some online apps offered cash prizes at festivals that used an innovative marketing gamification technique.

Ultimately, regardless of the marketing strategy used, the goal is to encourage promotions: registration, subscription, purchase, sharing, feedback, etc. Gamification achieves this goal by making the user’s interaction with the brand more enjoyable and dynamic. It can attract and most importantly keep people’s attention, stimulate the sharing of personal data, stimulate a deeper discussion with the brand, and contribute to community loyalty. Gamification can be used across a variety of platforms, including websites, apps, social media, physical stores, events, and email, thanks to its versatility and variety of formats.

(The author is the managing director and co-founder of ATechnos. Views expressed are personal.)

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