Get Ready for FOMO as Snipitz Begins Their Technology Partnership with the Texas Legends

On the Legends website, fans can now share their experience of viewing home games ( The content delivery interface (CDI) from Snipitz offers viewers multiple camera streams to choose from and toggle when watching the game of Legends. If you click through the available camera feeds, you can change your view from the full seat to the rim camera during the game.

“This partnership is exciting for us and our fan base,” said Legends President Malcolm Bauer. “We’re excited to bring new technology and a new experience to our fans so they can see the games in a whole new way. Our team is all about the fan experience and that’s the focus of Snipitz CDI. ”

“Snipitz is here to change the viewing experience of sports and entertainment forever,” says Snipitz founder and president Sea free“We’re excited that the Texas Legends fans will be the first to choose their own perspective to see a Legends game. Every sports team in the future will offer it.”

Beyond the Legends, Snipitz is building partnerships across the sports and entertainment spectrum to showcase its video capabilities.

“We are pleased to have the Legends as an anchor for the presentation of our CDI technology,” explains Kelly Ratka, Director of Enterprise Accounts: “As we continue to connect with big brands and franchises seeking the next generation viewing experience for their audiences, Snipitz is the answer.”

For more information, please visit and direct media inquiries Deb Colitas, Director of Marketing & Communication [email protected].


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