Guy Pearce: Technology is fascinating and disturbing | Entertainment

Guy Pearce thinks the development of technology is “fascinating and disturbing at the same time”.

The 53-year-old actor – who plays an ex-cop trying to track down the kidnapped daughter of a man who makes AI machines in “Zone 414” – has confessed to having mixed feelings about technological developments and their application to realistic scenarios .

Guy – who stars in the film alongside Matilda Lutz and Travis Fimmel – stated, “The whole evolution of technology and where we’re going, and this quick desire for very intelligent people out there inventing technology to make versions of ourselves , is really somehow fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

“And the idea that these robots, are these androids becoming more human or human than us, or are they becoming human at all? You know, that’s fascinating too. “

Guy admits that while making the film, he asked himself some serious questions about the ever-increasing influence of technology.

He told Sky News: “Where does humanity really come from? Where is she sitting? Is it just injected into us as humans, or is there just as much humanity in a chicken, but just because it doesn’t speak doesn’t we know and therefore could it be implanted in a robot?

“The whole idea of our identity and psychology in this kind of environment was really fascinating.”

Even so, Guy admitted that he wasn’t very good at technology.

The Hollywood star said: “If Siri accidentally shows up, I immediately say, ‘No, come on, I don’t need your help, go away!’

“I’m not that kind of luddite, just an oldie, I guess – it’s interesting to have Monty, my little boy. He’s only five so he doesn’t really know what’s possible on a screen, but you can see him drawn and I know that there will probably be a point very quickly where he’s way ahead of me. “