Gwinnett County police investing in new technology to address gun violence

Gwinnett County’s leaders have just approved the purchase of ballistic technology that police hope will help solve violent crimes more effectively.

The integrated ballistic identification system enables officers to forensic analysis of cartridge cases recovered from crime scenes.

Gwinnett County Police Department said they currently use the ATF system, which limits the number of cases they can investigate, and it’s a slower process for providing vital ballistic information to their investigators

“We have to deliver bowl casings to the ATF and sometimes wait weeks for results due to the backlog of cases,” CEO Brett West recently explained.

Police said they knew this ballistic technology worked because they previously used the ATF system.

“We’ve already linked guns to New York, Virginia and New Orleans, so it’s very effective,” GCPD Public Information Officer Hideshi Valle told reporter Brian Hill.

The program is like a gun fingerprint system.

“When bullets are fired from a handgun or rifle, the used cartridge or shell casings leave a distinctive mark on that gun,” said Chief West.

Officers take cartridge cases and place them on the National Integrated Ballistics Information Network.

Investigators can then associate these casings with specific weapons.

“A ballistics match can ultimately bring suspects to violent crimes,” said the boss.

With a price tag of $ 200,000, the department hopes to curb the gun violence and investigate what’s behind it.

“Gathering the data, gathering information. We hope this leads to an understanding of where it’s coming from,” said Valle.

Gun violence has increased in Atlanta and other major cities this year.

President Joe Biden has called the subject a “public health epidemic.”

Earlier this month, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and police tabled a $ 70 million plan to fight crime.

Several other major cities and counties have also announced gun violence reduction efforts to keep communities and criminals safe.

Not a word yet about when they Gwinnett County The police will buy the product.

They said there are some logistics that need to be completed first.

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