How Rackspace Technology is moving into multi-cloud management

Kevin Jones (CEO of Rackspace Technology)

Kevin Jones (CEO of Rackspace Technology)

Image credit: Rackspace Technology

After a year of acquisitions, an IPO and a global rebranding, Rackspace Technology is finally asserting itself as a competitive player in the multi-cloud scene.

After the once managed cloud computing provider released its Rackspace Elastic engineering framework last month, it has now made its claim to the emerging market for professional services, offering advice and advice on system deployment and management.

Effectively saying to customers: “It is no longer enough just to be in the cloud”, marks Rackspace’s move to support customers’ cloud-native projects with the help of Rackspace Elastic Engineering’s pod framework.

According to industry analyst firm Technology Business Research (TBR), the fulcrum prior to the IPO came from Rackspace, which underwent a major strategic realignment last August, and from its traditional but capital-intensive data hosting model of building its professional cloud services passed over.

Catie Merill, Senior Analyst at TBR, wrote in a blog post that has the potential to enhance the value of Rackspace Technology by supporting new technologies such as serverless functionality, automation and infrastructure as code.