How Technology Can Help Police Track Down Stolen Vehicles – WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Technology helps investigators track down stolen cars. Car thefts are skyrocketing in Minneapolis.

There were 104 of these in Minneapolis in 2019, 401 last year and 574 this year.

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The increase in carjackings means an increase in business at Mach 1 Car Audio & Security.

“We’ve probably installed 50-100 GPS tracking systems in the last year, if not more,” said General Manager Brent Kummer.

Thursday night, Minneapolis police said two young men robbed a woman at gunpoint and stole her Tesla in the Lowry Hill neighborhood. They later tracked down the vehicle and secured the weapon in southern Minneapolis.

“It was interesting to see how quickly they were able to recover the car,” said Brandon Doyle, a Maple Grove resident and Tesla owner.

Tesla’s built-in tracking system is just a perk for Doyle, who also set up a PIN code to start his car, making it harder for thieves to steal.

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“With the app, I can see exactly where the car is, how fast it is going, and whether it is parked,” says Doyle. “I can even disable some of the features remotely. I can access the horn, the windows and some of these controls. ”

If you are a victim of a car theft, Minneapolis police say to leave the vehicle to the car thieves and not try to track them because it is not worth your life.

For cars without a built-in GPS, places like Mach 1 Car Audio & Security can install one for you for about $ 300. You can also add a hidden start button to your car.

“So you still have to start the car the old-fashioned way, whether it’s a key car or a push-start car, but now we have a separate button that you press and hold and only you know where that button is, ”said Sorrow.

Other tracking devices may require batteries, such as Apple’s Air Tag, a small device that you can put anywhere to track it, although distance and network may limit it.

Hopefully, with the technology we offer or what other companies have on offer, there are some solutions that will make you feel safer and hopefully get your car back, “said Kummer.

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