How Technology could give you bashes and wins – Manila Bulletin

By Christian Paul Del Rosario

With the growing number of YouTubers these days, you need to know how to brand yourself through content. But for me, real content will always grab my attention – content with meaning, true stories, and a straightforward approach.

The country’s ultimate multimedia star, Toni Gonzaga-Soriano, is one of the hottest new YouTube content creators in demand due to her authenticity in interviews with various personalities like Dra. Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho, Raffy Tulfo, Atty. Chel Diokno, Mayor Isko Moreno, Senator Grace Poe, Vice President Leni Robredo and more.

Your YouTube channel started in January 2019 with personal and familiar vlog content. She later branded herself nine months later through the Toni Talks segment.

But just a few days ago, Toni Gonzaga-Soriano’s interview with Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. (BBM) was very popular on social media. Filipinos are never unfamiliar with the fact that Bongbong is the son of the infamous dictator, the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

With the popular YouTube content from the celebrity presenter, Toni tackled the most important lessons that Bongbong had learned from his father. The posted video was not wholeheartedly recorded by some internet users due to the gruesome history of his family.

This edition has generated some positive and negative reactions in the online world. Some say BBM is just showing an excellent facade on its family, while others say it is just a face-to-face interview and nothing to worry about.


Toni has been named by various names in this online edition – a Marcos apologist, enabler, whitewasher, and history reviser. Some news articles even mentioned that she was unaware of the huge responsibilities she has as a celebrity and influencer as the national elections quickly approached.

The Anti-Marcoses felt betrayed because Toni offered a platform to save face of the dictator’s family. These people believed that she lacked a sense of history because the interview might hide the awkward martial law story.

Internet users were upset that Toni was taking the topic lightly while sharing the content with her four million followers. They said it wasn’t about who she was interviewing, but the fact that she was giving a nearly 30-minute talk with a dictator’s son. So a chance to clean up the family chaos.

Several accounts on Twitter have advertised not to like and report the content of the BBM interview to show disgust and disappointment.

The prominent host was also invited and challenged by the Ateneo Martial Law Museum to interview the victims of the military government in an open Facebook letter. As noted in the letter, it would be more inspiring to hear the survivors’ stories and struggles in relation to viewers than to interview any members of the Marcos family. So we must be grateful to the victims who sacrificed their lives so that we can live in a democracy.


Despite the anti-Marcos netizens’ online frenzy, there are plenty of victories in this issue.

When Toni uploaded her interview with BBM, the YouTube video received 4.5 million views in five days. Suppose you compare it to VP Leni’s video which got 1.4 million views in two weeks and 3.1 million views in three weeks for Mayor Isko Moreno. In this case, BBM’s video obviously scores better.

A FaceBook post from Franco Mabanta as shared by the author on his FB page. “Leni with an impressive 1.3 million hits in two weeks; BBM with 3.6 million hits in just four days. “

BBM’s interview content has an average of 900,000 views per day, while Leni and Isko have 100,000 and 148,000 views per day, respectively. And if you look at the “like” and “dislike” counters, the BBM video is 459,000 “likes” and 54,000 likes, VP Leni is 72,000 “likes” and “dislikes” like ”and Mayor Isko has 113,000“ likes ”and“ 9,900 likes ”.

Toni’s Youtube channel has also gained around 190,000 new subscribers since September 13, 2021, with an average of 38,000 new daily subscribers and their estimated revenues of around $ 1,402 to $ 22,300 (PHP 70,100 to PHP 1.1 million).

“When your hatred of a celebrity (for an interview with BBM only) got more than 100,000 subscribers in four days.”

Many of Toni Gonzaga’s friends and colleagues defended her from the thugs with the likes of Bianca Gonzalez, Chiz Escudero, Ogie Diaz and Cristy Fermin.

In addition, many internet users continue to support Toni because they believe the interview with BBM was beneficial. And you can prove it by the number of followers and video views on their Youtube channel.

The culture of rejection towards the celebrity presenter reminds me of her interview with Wil Dasovich. She said, “I don’t categorize the people I interview. I see them all as people with stories to tell, no matter how bad a person is, no matter how good a person is, no matter how a person is rejected by society, every single person on this planet has a strong story to tell . And no matter how bad their story is, we can always learn from this person. “

The hatred of Toni Gonzaga-Soriano brought so many victories in a few days. In this case, people with pure intentions and good deeds always win.

Christian Paul Del Rosario is Acquisitions Marketing Manager at the Asian Institute of Management. He is a graduate of the Master of Marketing Communications from the University of De La Salle and is currently a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Ateneo de Davao