How the Technology Modernization Fund Board decides which projects to fund

Written by

John Hewitt Jones

Seven new IT projects by the federal authority on Thursday received a total of $ 311 million in fresh support from the Technology Modernization Fund. But how does the responsible board of directors decide which applications are to be funded?

The responsibility for deciding how the TMF should spend its money rests with the Board of the Technology Modernization Fund, which consists of seven senior officials: three permanent directors and four temporary members appointed by the director of the Office for Administration and Budget.

First, the TMF Board of Directors issues a call for submissions – known as first project proposals – To identify IT modernization ideas that could have some of the greatest implications for the entire government.

The board members then use four key benchmarks to decide which projects to move forward from the initial proposal phase: impact on users’ mission, feasibility, opportunities to enable, and joint solutions.

The impact on user mission is shown in part in how visible a modernization program will be to taxpayers. Feasibility includes factors such as the support of a proposal within an agency and the credibility of the intended implementation strategy.

The board then decides which proposals should go into the second selection stage and invites successful applicants to submit a complete project proposal. At that point, it will carry out an in-depth analysis of the budget that is attached to each project.

In the second step, the board then finally decides which projects should be funded. It then becomes a contract between the GSA-Management of the TMF program office and the agency’s project team.

Funds are then gradually paid out to successful applicants, and each project is assessed quarterly by the board to ensure it stays on track.

For the payment of funds on Thursday, Federal Commissioner for Information Security Chris DeRusha stressed that the TMF Board of Directors will use the latest round of tenders as a learning process for best practices in IT modernization.

“The TMF Board of Directors and GSA will monitor the progress of these projects, gain experience and make adjustments to make them successful,” he said.