Hypersonic Technology Startup Velontra Taps Retired U.S. General as its Inaugural President

DAYTON, Ohio, July 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Retired Major General Craig Whelden was named inaugural president of Velontra, a startup with the brainpower to accelerate America’s development of hypersonic technology.

His military career began with the US Army, where he once held the award as the youngest general in the army. Combined with nine years as a Senior Executive Services (SES) member of the US Marine Corps, he has led thousands of soldiers, sailors, Marines and civilians in a 40-year history-rich military career.

“General Whelden is a strategic thinker who is able to use his four decades of significant leadership and service to further assist our nation in developing aeronautical and military might,” said Velontra CEO Robert Keane. “He has the insight, relationships and military knowledge to enable Velontra to compete against time China and Russia to rev up their development of unmanned hypersonic technology. “

General Whelden is the author of “Leadership: The Art of Inspiring People to Do Their Best”. The book rose to number 1 on Amazon’s international bestseller list and won four national book awards. He is also a global Fortune 500 spokesperson.

“I was drawn to Velontra because this talented group has a proven track record of science and an exceptional talent for taking startups to award-winning heights,” said Whelden. “I have no doubt that this group can produce what our nation needs faster, more efficiently and more cheaply than many larger companies. As the clock is ticking, I’d like to be connected with those who know how to use their past experience in the military ”and in science to make things happen for the benefit of our great nation. There is no reason why we cannot be a leader in hypersonic technology – both military and commercial. “

Whelden becomes CEO Rob Keane, a 10-year-old Force Recon Marine recognized for combat valor who has worked as an aerospace engineer, and CRO Zachary Green, a former Marine and multi-award-winning entrepreneur.

The management team is rounded off by the Chief Technology Officer Joel Darin, one of the nation’s leading authorities on jet engine afterburners, and Mark Longenecker, a celebrated Harvard– Trained lawyer specializing in mergers, acquisitions and start-ups who acts as Velontra’s Chief Legal Officer.

Velontra’s goal is to regain US supremacy in the military and aerospace sectors. While US airlines have been in the news for ordering planes up to twice the speed of sound, hypersonic speed is at least Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound.

The company currently has offices in Ohio and South carolina.

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