I want to become a code.. Recently I’m always struggling with the… | by Nour Boustani | Nov, 2020

Recently I’m always struggling with the idea of being a human made of flesh, I feel like humanity has reached its limitation, both intellectually and physically.

A human being, regardless of how smart or strong they are.

They can only be in one place, doing one thing at a time.

They don’t have the physical attributes to be flexible, but isn’t life all about flexibility?

They need to build a tool for almost everything, and tools take time, effort, and countless failed tests to become a reality.

However, what if I can become a code, a god code if you will, If I’m digital I can design to be whatever I want, whenever I want, in whatever form I want, isn’t that after all what everyone really wants?

One tool can solve it for all, at least for me.

If and only if I can become a code, if and only if I have the choice to create my reality, If and only if, will you want to become a code?

The Matrix Code


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