I wonder what type of predictions, outcomes and data we would be able to calculate if we tracked every single human process. | by Liam Charmer | Nov, 2020

That was the thought that went into my head as I was watching Naruto Shippuden last night and it then stuck with me. With this growing world of collecting data, where the World Wide Web just started off as viewing websites and now we track almost everything from one website to the next. Will advancements in technology in the future have the same type of storyline?

Let’s be clear, I actually wish this type of thing never happened in the future due to privacy and the fact that life has to be exciting you know? I want this article to explore some kind of future and how wacky that would be!

* can I just say again, I really don’t want this so we are clear?

When I say track every single human process, I literally mean every human process. Every sniff, every breath, every right leg forward right foot place, left leg forward left foot place. Everything to the detail and point. (Can we also imagine that we somehow had a database capable of handling all this data? -> maybe we turned the moon into a database bank?)

Let’s also imagine that there was somehow an efficient way to track all of this. Potentially a chip in the brain that was able to read waves and accurately know what the human does. (Wait doesn’t this sound familiar Elon?)

Would it be possible that because we have basically almost every single action, that we would see similarities between generation to generation and be able to accurately determine when something is about to happen? When a certain categorised type of human being with this type of DNA, with these kind of habits, history etc will do certain actions?

We already know that certain type of people that lead towards certain tendencies of psychologies ideas are more prone to do certain actions. So by knowing everything, would we be able to know when the highest probability of them taking an action would be?

Could you imagine? Whatever is the insane, power hungry resourceful database is also feeding into a AI logic system that is somehow processes in the data in such a rate that it’s able to make sense of it all?

Would it know that certain things are in a human perspective perceived in a negative/evil way and as such would view those parts of it’s AI learning experience as wrong? Or would it turn into one big mess of an AI. I suppose it would be a reflection on man kind for sure. Although we all remember the AI twitter account Microsoft made that quickly turned badly right due to our usage on twitter?

I do suppose that if this was a thing, we would have the most ultimate [Insert name of activity, e.g translator, chess player, etc] of all time… due to the fact it knows everything.

Would whatever is processing this information be able to eventually determine what is incorrect and bad data? I would assume it could, however would that just be based on the amount of information there is of the data?

Or would this ultimate system be able to determine that whatever all of the human actions that certain human made up to the point of their next action, it then scores the potential ability of how correct it is?

For instance we all know one persons opinion who has ate an apple, compared to 1000 people who hasn’t ate an apple. That one persons opinion is way more informed than the 1000.

Would it be possible that because there would be similarities of data from human to human (of the pretty large 7 billion data set). That there would be an opportunity to turn on auto pilot mode and let us rest? Or even spectate the autopilot and put focus into other things? Would we even know that we are in auto pilot mode and be able to have another conscious to be able to watch ourselves do actions?

Is it then possible that every major action we get, would be aided by this data and then taken upon?

For example, for you to take this path in life more so than other paths due to the fact that its worked out better for 351,832 other people?

Or even more so, place your foot on this part of the ground instead of 10cm to the side of that part due to the fact that it’s the best calculated footstep?

Blimey we are getting ahead of ourselves… are we?

Could you imagine how advertising and marketing would change? At the moment marketing aims towards convincing an individual to take an action that is towards a certain agenda. So would it be the fact that every marketing/advertisement is directly relevant to your currently situation and then even the future?

Would this accelerate growth of the human race OR stop it

I already mentioned it a little bit about the “god-like AI” however lets ponder to think what would happen to the growth. When the data is being collected at the start, I would imagine that the the growth of the human race would advanced quicker and quicker.

But once we reach a peak of information would the growth then just stop due to the fact we’ve already got so much data. Or would it be the fact that due to the developments of whatever is made. That new, creative, unique data is then being implemented at such a rate also that then contributes to this impossible database that it just keeps growing at a rapid pace?

I don’t really expect to have any answers, nor do I expect to really want any answers. But I absolutely would love to have more questions. I already have made it super clear that I would hate it.

What would you think? What type of questions would you have based on a dataset being tracked at such magnitude? Let me know!


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