IgniteND summit focuses on bringing technology into every day education

Education involves constant, including the way it is taught.

We found out IgniteND, a week-long educational summit that helps educators take teaching to the next level.

Over four days, 100 educators from across the state will attend the training, at least 40 percent of whom will attend remotely.

“For grades K through 12, we want to make sure that we give teachers the resources and education they need to guide the students, or at least be guided by the students. And to remind you how important programming will be in your life, ”said John Gieser, IT strategist at EduTech North Dakota.

Every day, educators have the opportunity to take part in training courses that cover everything from coding, cybersecurity, and computer technology.

As more and more areas integrate technology, they want to make sure North Dakota keeps up.

“Our goal is to really start building the base of K-12 students who are ready to take on these jobs in technology, be it as a programmer, whether it’s a farmer who has technology on his or her Field uses, or some other career that actually uses technology and some type of coding, ”said Steve Snow, assistant director of school approvals and opportunities at the Department of Education.

One of the main goals of this week’s summit is to ensure that every school has at least one certified teacher teaching technology in the building.

“I’m just looking for activities that inspire children, that inspire them to learn, and how I can pass this on to the other people in my school,” said teacher Melissa Korsling.

“I think computer science and coding and technology are becoming such an important part of our lives and it’s important that kids get more hands-on experience just to learn that a little more so they can apply it to everything they do. in school and its real world, ”explains librarian Andrea Leier.

The summit is a partnership between the Governor’s Office, the Department of Instruction, EduTech and Bismarck State College.

It’ll wrap up Friday with sessions ranging from esports training to TikTok.