Indicio and Liquid Avatar Technologies Launch Canada’s First Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Technology for Sharing Health Data

“Liquid Avatar Technologies shares Indicio’s vision – the world needs technology that offers real privacy and security,” said Heath Dahl, CEO of Indicio. “When we started the Indicio Network, we saw the need for a space for innovative companies to collaborate and change the way we manage identities, enable verification, and build trust. Our partnership with Liquid Avatar Technologies, one of many, shows what happens when innovators develop solutions to pressing problems with breakthrough technology. “

Both Indicio and Liquid Avatar are members of the steering committee of the Linux Foundation Public Health‘S Cardea Project to provide health authorities around the world with open source, interoperable privacy protection technology to manage COVID tests and vaccinations. LAVCE agrees with that too Global network for COVID credentials and the Good Health Pass collaboration.

“LAVCE is a leader in the market for interoperable, privacy-protecting identity that provides a flexible, yet unified approach to disclosing health and other verifications on demand,” said David Lucatch, CEO. “The privacy and security of personal data are essential to a ‘return to normal’ and a variety of other activities. A patchwork of systems can quickly get out of hand. Backed by Indicio’s expertise, LAVCE makes it quick and easy to use test data and other verifiable references in a way that wins people’s trust, keeps them safe, and opens up society. “

Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. is a minority shareholder in

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