Intellabridge Technology Corporation Announces Kash NFT Partnerships with LunaBulls and Terra Cards

Menlo Park, Calif., Vancouver, British Columbia and Boulder, Colorado – (Newsfile Corp. – October 25, 2021) – Intellabridge Technology Corporation (CSE: INTL) (OTCQB: CRBTF) (FWB: 98AA) (“Intellabridge”) is pleased to announce partnerships with LunaBulls and Terra Cards to create the very first non-fungible utility tokens (“NFT”) in the Terra ecosystem that will provide NFT owners with utility on the Kash DeFi platform.

According to Forbes, NFT sales exceeded $ 1.2 billion in July 2021. Well-known venture capital firm Loup Ventures estimates the total market size of NFTs at over $ 1 trillion with an expanded market of over $ 2 trillion as part of the broader metaverse trend in the blockchain.

LunaBulls and Terra Cards are two of the first original NFT projects to be created on the Terra blockchain. Prior to this partnership, all NFT projects were primarily digital artwork ownership; With this partnership, however, NFT owners have special benefits with value on the Kash DeFi platform.

LunaBulls has created more than 10,000 unique Profile Picture (“PFP”) works of art whose property is recorded on the Terra blockchain. There are over 13,700 members on the LunaBulls Discord server, and with this partnership, Kash has already created a special edition of the Kash LunaBull NFT that enables the owner to automatically receive lifetime Diamond status on the Kash platform. This NFT will go on sale in the week of October 25, 2021.

Terra Cards is a collection of 600 NFTs representing various projects within the Terra ecosystem, including Kash DeFi. This NFT project was started in large part as a charity, with half of all proceeds donated through Angel Protocol. Owners of a Kash Terra Card NFT receive lifelong gold status on the Kash DeFi platform with higher savings rates, higher token rewards for saving activities and higher cashback rates for debit card transactions. As part of the start of the partnership, a special edition of Terra Cards will be tailor-made for auction during the week of October 25, 2021.

“We see NFTs as much more than just a collection of digital works of art. We see them as digital assets that add value to Kash customers and add network value to the Kash ecosystem,” said John Eagleton, CEO of Intellabridge. “We believe the future of NFTs lies in their utility, and these partnerships reflect the potential of NFTs to bring significant benefits to NFT owners. This partnership approach enables us to achieve our goal of bringing next-generation NFTs to our customers and networking value for Kash. “

About Intellabridge Technology:

Intellabridge Technology Corporation (CSE: INTL) (OTCQB: CRBTF) (FWB: 98AA) is a blockchain technology-based digital bank that provides private and institutional investors with access to decentralized financial applications with additional layers of cybersecurity and customer service. Intellabridge offers self-custody services to depositors to give them complete visibility and control over their accounts through their institutional platform. The Kash product includes DeFi interest-bearing savings accounts, stablecoin checking, fiat crypto ramps, synthetic stocks, ETF and commodity investments, an NFT-based rewards platform, and other DeFi banking services, with plans, debit cards, virtual cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay in a growing number of markets around the world.

The Kash platform is available on the web and mobile at For more information on Intellabridge, see

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