ISG to Publish Study on Manufacturing Technology Providers

STAMFORD, Conn. – () – Information Services Group (ISG) (Nasdaq: III), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, has launched a research study that investigates technology service providers for the manufacturing industry, including manufacturers of connected cars and semiconductors.

The results of the study will be published in a comprehensive ISG Provider LensReport titled Manufacturing Industry Services to be released in November. The report tracks and analyzes the offers from providers relating to various elements of manufacturing, from the intricacies of 3D simulation to manufacturing robot technology.

The new report covers manufacturing technology manufacturers who rely heavily on automation, said Christian Decker, partner at ISG Smart Manufacturing. “Many of these service providers have worked intensively on the transformation of the shop floor and integrated product development,” he said. “They bring together electrical, electronic, mechanical, embedded and software components with conventional mechanics, electronics and electrical engineering.”

Company buyers can use the information from the report to evaluate their current supplier relationships, potential new engagements, and available offers, while ISG consultants use the information to recommend vendors to the company’s buy-side customers.

All ISG Provider Lens reviews now include new and enhanced Customer Experience (CX) data that measures actual business experience with specific provider services and solutions based on ISG’s ongoing CX research. Corporate customers who would like to share their experience with a specific provider or provider are asked to register here to receive a personalized survey url. In return for their feedback, participants will receive a copy of this report.

ISG has distributed surveys to more than 100 manufacturing technology service providers. Working with ISG’s global consultants, the research team will create five quadrants that represent the services and products a typical manufacturing technology enterprise customer purchases, based on ISG’s experience working with its customers. The five quadrants that are covered are:

  • Smart Product Engineering – On- / Off-Highway Mobility, which assesses the skills of engineering and R&D service providers and systems integrators in systems engineering, including hardware, software and embedded systems, in areas such as small batch production, testing and simulations. The development process for intelligent mobility products begins after prototype development, which covers every aspect of industrial-scale manufacturing technology, including niche technologies such as additive manufacturing for passenger, commercial and off-road vehicles as well as two-wheelers. A major focus is on the seamless integration of electronics, sensors and software systems.
  • Intelligent product development – high tech / semiconductors, Analysis of engineering and R&D capabilities of service providers in mainstream semiconductor manufacturing processes and across front-end-of-the-line and back-end-of-the-line sub-processes – from making transistors to forming connections within a component. A provider’s know-how is measured by its design skills and its quality assurance skills. The most important functions include ensuring compatibility in connections and small wiring schemes in devices that contribute to the resistance-capacitance delay in semiconductor chips.
  • Digital factory services and solutions, taking into account service providers and system integrators who are able to automate shop floor functions throughout the digital manufacturing ecosystem, including the implementation of supply chain systems, product development and launch. One focus is the analysis of the effects of technologies in areas such as remote monitoring of the production line, IoT, cloud, augmented reality and virtual reality. Overall, this quadrant analyzes the attributes of providers that enable companies to transform themselves into the digital world and accelerate digital strategies.
  • Solutions for mobility security, encompasses all aspects of solutions and services to protect connected cars and connected aircraft, including passenger aircraft, commercial vehicles, and on- and off-highway vehicles, from cyberattacks. This quadrant also analyzes the capabilities of solution providers to meet the challenges of integrating full connectivity into advanced mobile platforms with new and ultra-fast communication networks, fast data-based systems and high-performance computers. Vendors with design-safe software and hardware development capabilities and those serving a cross-section of customers, such as automakers, fleet operators, and aftermarket connectivity providers, have a competitive advantage over others.
  • OT security solutions, Analysis of security solutions from a solution provider for monitoring operating technology systems, including Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet traffic, and proprietary traffic. These solutions protect OT components such as PLCs, human-machine interfaces, SCADA software, physical devices, machine control systems and industrial remote software that are not connected to the outside world.

The report will cover the global Manufacturing Services market and examine the products and services available in the United States and Europe. ISG analyst Avimanyu Basu will serve as lead author of the report.

A list of the identified providers and providers as well as further details on the study can be found here digital brochure. Companies not listed as manufacturing technology providers can Contact with ISG and ask to be included in the study.

Via ISG Provider Lens ™ Research

The ISG Provider Lens ™ Quadrant research series is the only service provider assessment of its kind that combines empirical, data-driven research and market analysis with the real world experience and observations of ISG’s global advisory team. Companies will find a wealth of detailed data and market analysis to help them select suitable procurement partners, while ISG consultants use the reports to validate their own market knowledge and provide recommendations to ISG’s corporate clients. The study currently includes providers who offer their services worldwide, throughout Europe as well as in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, the Nordic countries, Brazil and Australia / New Zealand, with additional markets to be added in the future. More information on ISG Provider Lens research can be found here Website.

An accompanying research series, the ISG Provider Lens Archetype Reports, offer a unique evaluation of providers from the perspective of certain types of buyers.

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