Joplin facility implements new technology to combat covid-19 | KSNF/KODE

JOPLIN, MO. – An age community relies on new technologies to fight the coronavirus.

Dan Shields, Executive Director, said, “We felt this was a great way to keep our residents safe with the latest technology.”

Joplin’s Wildwood Senior Living Community has three new technologies to help keep the facility safe. They recently added a thermographic heat sensing camera for visitors. It can check a person’s temperature detection when someone is wearing a mask and screen them for Covid.

Brian Nikodim, Technical Director, said, “It asks for your name and the purpose of the visit if you have had any of the symptoms associated with the fever, which is fever. They will then be asked if they have been fully vaccinated. This helps us determine if the person can safely enter the building or if we need to add secondary or additional precautions to be applied to them. “

When someone is tagged, guests are provided with clothes and masks so they can safely visit residents. This new check-in system also helps them keep track of contacts.

“We can go back and see when someone was here. If they get sick we can see which community they visited and when to find a better schedule for the infection to start. “

The community also uses electrostatic sprayers across the facility twice a day. It kills coronavirus, influenza and other germs on contact.

“The electrostatic sprayer has magnetic particles that adhere to various surfaces, making disinfection faster and protecting more surfaces,” said Shields.

They plan to implement the new technology in all other facilities.

“I think it’s great. I think senior life is such an important part of every community.”