Kelly Services Names CIO to Boost Job-Placement Technology

Personnel service provider

Kelly Services Inc.

has appointed an experienced risk and compliance director to be chief information officer to strengthen recruiting software and other digital tools as employers struggle to fill jobs after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kelly Services CIO Rosie Rivel


Kelly Services Inc.

Rosie Rivel, who joined the Troy, Michigan-based company in 2009 and has served as deputy CIO since February, will oversee Kelly’s global business applications, infrastructure, data and analytics, and IT security and compliance, the company said.

“There has been a talent shortage since the pandemic and the human resources industry is aware of the need to attract and retain talent,” said Ms. Rivel.

Despite the unique challenges posed by Covid-19, she said, most general IT strategies in recruitment agencies are similar to other companies in the economy. This includes ongoing efforts to digitize business processes and move more systems to the cloud while developing data analytics, robotic process automation, machine learning, and other advanced features, she said.

“Essentially, increasing business value as cost-effectively as possible,” she added.

Ms. Rivel previously held positions in IT operations and application development at Deloitte consulting firm and an auto parts supplier

Delphi Automotive


Her goal at Kelly is to support ongoing efforts to “create a streamlined, transparent, and easy way to find new opportunities and go through the hiring and onboarding process,” she said.

During her tenure at Kelly – which includes regional leadership roles in the Asia-Pacific region as well as Europe, the Middle East and Africa – Dr. Rivel helped develop AI-enabled recruiting technologies, along with other digital tools and services, the company said. Building on these and other advanced digital tools will be a priority for the coming year, Ms. Rivel said.

The move comes as many employers are struggling to re-fill jobs that were cut at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year in hopes of capitalizing on renewed economic growth. More workers are leaving existing jobs than ever before in at least two decades, prefer the flexibility of remote work or shy away from returning to the office with unvaccinated colleagues. Still others are striving for higher pay or looking for a career change.

Kelly has sharpened his focus on HR services in several key areas over the past year, including science, engineering and technology. In the United States alone, employers posted 295,034 IT jobs in September, including positions in professional, scientific, and technical service companies, banks and insurance companies, manufacturers, schools, and retailers, according to IT trading group CompTIA.

To support these and other specialized services, Ms. Rivel plans to increase the use of software bots, low-code applications and AI-enabled technologies to increase efficiency both in internal operations and in customer-oriented service.

“Kelly had a cloud-first strategy for years,” said Ms. Rivel. “We moved our infrastructure to the cloud years ago, which laid the foundation for the next phase of our evolution,” she said.

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