Key Technology designs sorting solution for pet food processors

DOWNERS GROVE, SICK. – On October 28th, Key Technology announced the introduction of its digital sorting solution VERYX® especially for pet food products. The sorter is designed to detect and remove foreign material and product defects to avoid cross-contamination, improve product quality and safety, and minimize labor.

The solution can be configured for a variety of pet food formats and products, including dry foods, chews, and treats that are dried, dehydrated, or freeze-dried. The VERYX sorter can be installed at the end of a production line to ensure the quality of the end product, or upstream near the raw receiving area to check ingredients for a wide range of products, including wet food formulas.

The VERYX sorter can detect color, size, shape and structural properties and remove defective products or ingredients, plastics, glass, paper and other foreign matter.

“Our vibratory feeders and mechanical sorting systems have long had a strong presence in this industry – almost every leading pet food brand around the world relies on our equipment and we understand their unique needs,” said Marco Azzaretti, Director of Marketing at Key Technology. “Now that these processors have seen the value of digital sorting, we have used our expertise in animal feed applications to develop VERYX for these applications. Consumers are demanding ever higher quality pet food and VERYX can help manufacturers raise their product quality to the level of human quality while improving the efficiency of their operations. “

VERYX sorters are equipped with optimal cameras, laser scanners, lighting, ejection systems, product handling and software that are tailored to the needs of each customer. The laser scanners and cameras deliver images with a resolution twice as high as previous sensor technology, which improves the ability to find small foreign bodies or defects. The solution also offers a 360-degree view of each product.

The sorter can also be equipped with Key Technologies’ proprietary Pixel Fusion ™ technology, which can combine data from multiple cameras and laser scanners to enable unambiguous identification of difficult materials or products. This tool also enables FM. the companyalarm™ tool to notify operators of critical quality problems so corrective action can be taken quickly. It also helps in documenting quality events.

Key Technology includes its Discovery ™ software suite with each VERYX sorter that collects, stores and analyzes data in real time. This software can help manufacturers identify patterns and trends to improve operations from raw materials to sorting.

VERYX can be integrated with Key Technology’s vibratory and mechanical sorting solutions applicable in animal feed processing environments. The company’s material handling solutions are designed for hygiene with fully welded frames, nickel-plated surfaces, oil-free drives, optional pan covers and other hygienic features.

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