Korea develops world’s first ‘brainwaves’ based healthcare technology

The new technology “M. Brain ‘identifies the driver’s condition through brain waves

After 3 years of research and development, Hyundai Mobis, based in South Korea, has finally succeeded in developing M.Brain, a new health technology based on the measurement of brain waves.

This achievement received a great deal of attention when this brainwave measurement technology was first used in the automotive industry. Brainwave measurement, along with other bio-signals, is known to be one of the most advanced and sophisticated technologies to work with.

M.Brain measures the driver’s condition in real time by detecting the brain waves around the ears through worn earphone sensors. The key is the software technology that analyzes and determines the data from the brain waves. Hyundai Mobis is committed to research and development and has even introduced machine learning to interpret the brainwave signals.

M.Brain can also interact with a smartphone app and notify the driver if he loses attention. Accident prevention technology also provides warnings for various sensory organs such as sight (LEDs around the driver’s seat), touch (vibrating seat), hearing (headrest speakers), etc.

Hyundai Mobis plans to use various bio-health technologies in public transport to contribute to public safety. M. Brain will first test himself on Gyeonggi-do’s public buses.