Laurel College of Technology is having a “Week of Service” at its new facility

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Laurel College of Technology kicked off its Week of Service on Tuesday June 22nd with a lamp and toy workshop.

Executive Vice President Doug Decker said the school has an electrical engineer program and they thought a small electrical appliance building workshop would be a great way to welcome the community to the new building.

Doug Decker

When we moved here from Westover to our new building in Morgantown, off Van Voorhis Road, we really wanted to showcase the facilities to the community. And with the COVID-19 restrictions lifted, we thought this would be a great way and kind of smaller environment to involve people, see them firsthand what they would do in the program, and meet our students and teachers. And it helps our students connect with the public, learn some soft skills about community service, and create a project from idea to conception. The students did all of the work from developing the idea to sourcing the products, and they work with the families when they come to build, and all of the proceeds go to a charity.

Doug Decker, executive vice president. Laurel College of Technology

The lamp and toy workshop, according to Decker, is intended for friends, families and the general public. The entire proceeds of the creations will be donated to a local animal shelter.

The entire week of service, said the vice president, is thematic and aims to present the various programs and aspects of the school.

“Tomorrow (June 23) we have a Red Cross blood drive coordinated by our nursing students, so they’ll be here all day tomorrow,” Decker said. “Appointments are recommended for this. But, The Red Cross tells us that summer is one of the toughest times to find new sources of blood and fill the bank, so we wanted to contribute and help. And it fits right in with our new RN and ADN degrees here at the school and is a great way for students to get started on their charitable project. ”

Simulation room for nurses at Laurel College

Tuesday continues on June 24th.

“Our cosmetic and massage students in our clinic perform haircuts, styling, color, and all kinds of services in our salon clinic,” Decker said. “And the proceeds and donations from it also go to our local animal shelter.”

It was “extremely gratifying” to see how week of service came together like it did, Decker said.

That’s because it’s “really exemplary” of what Laurel College wants to be as a school – and that’s “part of the fabric” of the community. So Decker said the public was welcome to all of the week’s events.

“We want to show our community that we are here to support and help the community grow and prosper,” he said. “And especially in this difficult year, the service aspect of our work shows that we are here to strengthen everyone around us. including local residents, students and those who visit us directly and would benefit from the donations, the blood drives and all of those things. ”

Decker is in the Laurel College hair salon

Decker reiterated his point that no week would not be possible without the students’ work.

He said he was “extremely proud” of the student body who worked so hard to coordinate and shape the week of service.

“You have improved in every way,” he said. “We do this because of their interests. It is – without the students leading these projects, none of this would happen, so we are very proud of what they are doing now during their school years. And I think it just shows what they’re going to do, what they’re going to do when they graduate and start their careers. “

The Laurel College of Technology’s Tuesday Wednesday ends June 24th. And as already mentioned, everyone is very welcome.

“Come out and see us this week. Stop by the school, take part in the service week and usually just look at the new campus. We’d love to have you, and hopefully this will be the first week of many more events to welcome the community here in Morgantown to the Laurel College of Technology, ”Decker said.