Leading Life Sciences and Technology Companies Join Forces to Establish the Securing America’s Medicines and Supply (SAMS) Coalition

WASHINGTON, June 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A group of leading global life science and technology companies today announced the launch of the Securing America’s Medicines and Supply (SAMS) coalition. The goal of SAMS is to advance a policy that encourages US-made manufacturing of critical pharmaceutical products, devices, and personal protective equipment.

SAMS seeks to bring together a cross-industry, diverse coalition of companies, experts, nonprofits and executives to build supply chain resilience in the US while working with US allies in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors “near the coast” promote supplies. In addition, SAMS will advocate supply chain reforms to strengthen domestic manufacturing and global supply chain security, as well as expand government support for healthcare infrastructure projects in the United States. SAMS believes the US can increase American production and strengthen existing global supply chains through smart policy making.

“This new cross-industry coalition of corporations is starting to stand up for and work with government, Congress and the private sector to resolve the chunky approach to medical supply chain policymaking,” said David Sanders, Executive Director of SAMS and Vice President of Government Affairs and Policy at Coherus Biosciences. “Together, we can do the hard work to heal and secure our medical supply chain through a coordinated approach that boosts American and allied production – and rewards quality and innovation. A diversified and reliable supply chain needs to be expanded and properly sized for the US. “Patients.”

At the official launch, the SAMS expressed the support of its members for the The Biden Harris Administration 100 Day Assessment Report. “We applaud the government’s efforts to secure our country’s supply chains and recognize the importance of the US in being less dependent on foreign imports and more on US production,” said Sanders.

“Coherus is an American biotech company that only wants to manufacture on American soil, and so should we. We joined SAMS because we are committed to ensuring adequate, reliable, and uninterrupted supplies of quality, life-changing medicines. ” We believe the US government should give preference to US-made drugs, “said Denny Lanfear, Chairman of SAMS and Chief Executive Officer of Coherus Biosciences.

“We welcome the opportunity to provide SAMS with our expertise and to contribute our voice to the ongoing political debate. With Teva’s unparalleled portfolio, logistical expertise and diversified manufacturing base – concentrated in the USA, Europe and Israel – Teva stands ready to work with the Biden Administration and Congress to ensure that access to affordable medicines across the country remains uninterrupted for the patients who need it, “added George Keefe, Senior Vice President of External Affairs & Public Policy at Teva Pharmaceuticals United States, Inc.

“As we’ve seen in recent years, having domestically manufactured medical devices is more important than ever. iRemedy is fully committed to working with a growing, diverse group of US branded medical manufacturers and helping to strengthen our national security, ”said Tony Paquin, Chief Executive Officer of iRemedy Healthcare.

“US Biologic envisions a world where everyone has equal access to life-saving technology,” said Mason Kauffman, CEO of US Biologic. “Our mission is to reduce disease through predictive analytics and orally administered vaccines and therapeutics that are delivered to the home. The SAMS coalition will help improve policies to rebuild American infrastructure and strategic product inventories, and US Biologic proudly supports efforts to step up our responses to future pandemics. “Threats.”

SAMS looks forward to working with its members to develop and support proposals that incentivize US-made products and protect long-term, international partnerships that drive innovation and provide critical drugs to American patients.

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Securing America’s Medicines and Supplies
Securing America’s Medicines and Supply (SAMS) is a cross-industry association of companies with the aim of ensuring the security of the medical supply chain in. to strengthen The United States. SAMS is committed to driving the implementation of laws and regulations to reward and promote the US-made manufacturing of critical pharmaceutical products, devices, and consumables. SAMS supports US patients, home health security, and US jobs.

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