Logan Memorial Hospital, TriStar use new technology to make cardiac consultations more accessible

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) – Logan Memorial Hospital recently announced a collaboration with TriStar Health and Centennial Heart that will provide easier access for patients to cardiac specialists outside of Logan County.

“Heart disease and heart-related illnesses naturally bring a lot of people to our hospital,” said David Brash, CEO of Logan Memorial Hospital. “That is why it is very, very important to have first-class specialists available for our hospital.”

Logan Memorial now has robotic technology to deliver an interactive, telemedicine experience in the hospital. The device has a camera on the other end for the cardiologist to see the patient, talk to them, and even use an attached stethoscope to listen to their heart.

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Technology used at Logan Memorial Hospital for cardiac telemedicine visits.
Technology used at Logan Memorial Hospital for cardiac telemedicine visits.(WBKO)

“This gives people the opportunity to have access to the same services they would have if they were to travel to Nashville or Bowling Green or anywhere else but be able to stay in their local community,” Brash explained.

The cardiologist can also control the camera from its end to examine the patient more closely. On-site cardiology consultations are offered by Western Kentucky Heart and Lung and St. Thomas cardiologists, but this telemedicine technology will allow patients to have 24/7 access to specialists.

“We have cardiologists who have been providing services to our facility for many years and this is not intended to replace any of these, this is to be free and ensure that we have services available 24/7,” said Brash.

This program is used for patients who may have symptoms such as chest pain or an irregular heartbeat that can be managed under the supervision of hospital staff but still require external consultation.

“These patients can be safely cared for here and examined for greater need for care,” explained Brash. Several patients have already used the technology and the machine is used several times a day.

“Logan Memorial has one of the largest geographic coverage areas in the entire state of Kentucky, including Counties Logan and Todd. This means that our patients are very far removed from cardiological services. The ability to provide this service and the ability for the patient to stay close to their home has been invaluable to her, ”said Zan Lee, director of the Logan Memorial Emergency Department.

While many got used to telemedicine and other video conferencing platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic, plans for this new partnership and service were previously underway.

Logan Memorial Hospital is an ACC accredited chest pain center and offers cardiac exercise tests, EKGs, echocardiograms, nuclear medicine studies, and cardiac rehabilitation.

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