McLaren Racing – McLaren Racing and Alteryx announce multi-year technology partnership

McLaren Racing today announced a new multi-year partnership with Alteryx, Inc., the analytical automation company that will become the official partner of the McLaren Formula One team starting this weekend at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Alteryx is characterized by the standardization of data, analysis and the automation of business processes on a single platform. The Alteryx Analytics automation solution offers state-of-the-art analysis and data science functions to quickly provide new insights and information.

The Alteryx brand and ‘Alteryx Analytics’ will be featured in the McLaren MCL35M race cars and will also be featured in the racing suits of McLaren F1 drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, the McLaren pit crew, as well as on the team’s digital and social media platforms.

McLaren Racing Commercial Director Mark Waller said:

“Alteryx is changing the way data is quickly captured and analyzed with intelligent analytics automation, helping us make decisions faster. In racing, we always try to refine our learning so that we can drive faster. The partnership is the union of two brands that pride themselves on driving innovative technologies that enable everyone to excel. “

Sharmila Mulligan, Alteryx’s chief strategy and marketing officer, said:

“With some of the fastest drivers in the world competing for victory, every advantage is important, and fast data analysis gives you an edge, as many sports teams prove. McLaren’s relentless focus on using innovation to win, combined with Alteryx’s analytics automation software, will support the team’s ability to use and process complex data to generate insights at tremendous speeds. We are honored to be working with McLaren through the 2021 season and beyond. “


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