Mediso completes technology transfer of novel MRI spectrometer

For the past seven years, Mediso and RS2D has partnered with a technology license and commercial agreement to supply the new line of nanoScan® 3T and 7T MRI systems are all based on patented, truly cryogen-free, superconducting magnet technology. In 2019, the parties further expanded their collaboration to a technology transfer agreement that gives Mediso access to all intellectual property.

Gergő Bagaméry, director of preclinical product development at Mediso, commented: “It has always been important for Mediso to retain the know-how of the central imaging technologies. This agreement strengthens MRI as a core competence together with PET, SPECT and CT and thus completes the entire imaging portfolio In recent years we have invested significant resources in building an MRI electronics and sequence development team. With this technology, we can bring novel high-end MRI applications to market. “

Rémy Schimpf, Senior VP Sales at Nanalysis and RS2D-Founder commented: “We have had a fruitful relationship with Mediso over the past seven years and look forward to strengthening the relationship over many years. Through our increased research and development team in StrasbourgWe have introduced the fourth generation of spectrometers, the Cameleon4 ™, with which we can further expand our horizons for all NMR and MRI applications. “

Mediso has been a major player in medical imaging for over 30 years with a high profile in the design, manufacture, sale and maintenance of multi-modality imaging equipment. In addition to the market-leading nanoScan PET / CT and SPECT / CT systems, Mediso has brought the world’s first integrated PET / MRI and SPECT / MRI systems onto the market. By adding the truly cryogen-free 3T and 7T magnets and the SiPM-based PET insert to the product line, the nanoScan family has the largest installation base for integrated PET / MRI systems.

Nanalysis Corp., Calgary, Canadais an industry leader in the design and manufacture of compact NMR spectrometers for the laboratory and industrial markets. Its state-of-the-art 60 and 100 MHz spectrometers do not require liquid cryogens. Via the European subsidiary RS2D, the company is developing its own proprietary hardware and software that will be incorporated into next-generation MRI and NMR systems.

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