mimik Technology Joins LF Edge Community in Collaboration with Open Horizon

OAKLAND, California – () – Mimik Technology announced today that it is among the latest edge computing innovators to join LF Edge. LF edge is an umbrella organization within the Linux Foundation that creates an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud or operating system.

“Mimik is looking forward to working with LF Edge to make the world ‘edgifi’. The community-oriented philosophy of LF Edge reflects mimik’s own vision of today’s increasingly hyper-connected world and offers opportunities to jointly contribute to innovations at the edge, “said Fay Arjomandi, founder and CEO of mimik. “There is a much greater opportunity for the entire community to thrive together than one company that wins everything. We’re excited to join the community and expand our ecosystem of partners and customers, from big brands to startups. We have already started to contribute our findings and technologies and at the same time gain insights from other community members. ”

mimik has been working closely with IBM, the contributor to the Open Horizon Project within LF Edge, for almost a year. Mimik’s relationship with IBM is anchored in the IBM Edge Application Manager, the commercially supported distribution of Open Horizon. In December 2020, mimik announced his collaboration with IBM to pass on the overall objective of the effort, which is “to extend the management of edge devices and support for edge clusters by IBM Edge Application Manager by enabling the delivery of containerized workloads to mobile devices.”

Open horizon is an open source software project within the LF Edge umbrella group and serves as a cornerstone project within the organization. As a platform for managing the service software lifecycle of containerized workloads and machine learning assets, it supports large-scale autonomous application management for edge computing nodes and devices.

“Mimik offers a platform-neutral solution for serverless execution at the edge. Open Horizon provides a solution for application delivery and machine learning, as well as lifecycle management. Together, Open Horizon and mimik provide automated, large-scale serverless application management, ”said Joe Pearson, chairman of the Open Horizon technical steering committee. “The special thing about the solution from mimik is that their microservices are based on WHAT M+ WASI creating language independent, portable, secure, small and fast serverless functions. Not only are they containerized and Docker compatible, they can also run up to 10,000 times faster than microservices based on interpreted languages such as Python and NodeJS, at speeds that approach compiled C ++. ”

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mimik pioneered hybrid edge cloud computing so that any computing device can act as a cloud server to help app developers unlock the next generation of apps for the hyperconnected world. The platform includes a runtime engine for developers to develop and host microservices on all types of end-user devices such as smartphones, intelligent IoT devices and AI-based sensors. The engine is independent of the operating system, device, networks and public / private cloud. It is not proprietary and works with existing standard development tools and language. mimik also offers ready-to-use SaaS (cloud and / or edge) application domains for a variety of industries, including fintech. The mimik platform enables an edge-in versus a cloud-out approach to create applications faster and drastically reduce infrastructure costs, minimize latency, improve security and data protection and direct app-to-app communication via the standard RESTful API first and serverless to enable microservice-driven architecture. For more information visit: and