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On Tuesday, voters in both Minneota and Ivanhoe school districts went to the polls for special elections. In Minneota, the ballot had questions about a technology levy and a building referendum, while Ivanhoe had a single question about a company referendum for Lincoln Elementary School.

Minneota voters approved the technology levy but not the $ 7.6 million building referendum. Meanwhile, in the Ivanhoe district, voters rejected a proposal to increase the district’s current per-student referendum.

Election results in Minneota

The Minneota District had a special election with a two-question vote. According to unofficial voting results, a proposal for an annual technology levy of $ 500,000 was accepted, while a proposed $ 7.6 million construction loan failed.

“They had a good turnout” with more than 700 people casting their votes, said Minneota Superintendent Dan Deitte.

The first question on the ballot was a technology levy of $ 500,000 per year for 10 years. Deitte said the technology donation will be used to fund and improve technology in schools in Minneota. It would affect everything from Minneota’s one-to-one technology program for students to professional and technical training equipment and infrastructure like computer servers.

The technology levy was 384. passed “Yes sir” Votes and 321 “No” Votes according to unofficial numbers.

Deitte said he was “very grateful” to the taxpayer for passing on the technology levy. “Technology got so big in schools” he said, and the cost of the district goes up. The levy would not only be enough to cover the cost, but also improve the technology available in Minneota, Deitte said.

The second question on the ballot was a $ 7.6 million building referendum that would fund several updates to school facilities in Minneota, including building a cafetorium, adding permanent toilets to the soccer field, and replacing the schoolyard and school Parking lot.

Currently, Minneota students are having lunch in the school’s gym in 2003. Deitte said the use of lunch tables in the gym caused damage to the floors. the “Cafetorium” The construction proposal would include a canteen room in combination with a stage.

The construction referendum received 325 “Yes sir” Votes and 379 “No” Votes according to unofficial numbers.

“We have to look at this again and rethink what we want to do.” said Deitte.

Deitte said the last time Minneota passed a construction loan was in 2017.


Voters in the Ivanhoe School District had a special election on Tuesday to decide whether to overturn the district’s current company referendum and increase the referendum amount. A proposal to increase the company referendum per student to the maximum allowed for the district failed with 104 “Yes sir” Votes and 170 “No” Votes, said unofficial vote counts.

Ivanhoe Superintendent Dan Deitte said the district is currently holding a referendum on the operation, but additional funding would help support educational programs at Lincoln Elementary School in Ivanhoe. The school has about 90 students from kindergarten through sixth grade, Deitte said.

Since the referendum failed, Deitte said he had to return to the Ivanhoe School Board and discuss plans for the school’s future.

“We have to decide what we want to ask in the future” said Deitte.

“We thank everyone for coming and voting” he said.

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