Minot Public Library adds assistive technology | News, Sports, Jobs

The Minot Public Library has added new user assistive technology to help people with low vision.

Features include a large push-button keyboard with high-contrast keys, a large mouse that may be easier to use for those unfamiliar with a computer mouse, and a mouse that is operated with a foot pedal.

“Assistive technology is any hardware or software that has been developed for people with impairments or disabilities.” Technology coordinator Joshua Pikka said in information from the library. “For someone with visual impairment, having the keys on a keyboard slightly larger can make a big difference.” Long said.

One of the most unique pieces added to the library was the foot pedal mouse. “The device takes getting used to” Long added. “However, if you can’t use your arms, it can make all the difference in the world.”

In addition to this new technology, the Minot Public Library also offers adaptive video games. The library’s adaptive gaming system was made possible thanks to generous donations from Independence Inc. and The Good Talk Network. Customers who want to use the adaptive game console can make an appointment to ensure staff and space are available. Patrons can use the online tech. Tutor form at or call the library at 852-1045 to schedule a session.

People are encouraged to call the Minot Public Library with questions about the new assistive technology or to book an adaptive gaming session.

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