Moments – Introduces Several Versions Of Blockchain Technology

MILTON KEYNES, United Kingdom, April 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Moments, an open-source third-generation blockchain ecosystem, is leveraging blockchain and AI technologies’ power to “build the world’s most comprehensive decentralized financial market, create a complete DeFi ecosystem: loans, savings, payment apps, automated accounting system,” among others. The goal is to create a future where decentralized financial products are the order of the day.

Operating in 42 countries with over 12 years of industry experience, Moments has completed 280 projects with over $25 million in investment. The company understands AI and blockchain technologies’ transformational power and is leveraging the ability to influence the future.

Moment Factory Ten Limited launched Moments to address international enthusiasts’ needs in some Asian countries such as Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Moments’ strengths lie in its several versions of blockchain technology. And they are as follow:

Blockchain 1.0, in imitation of Bitcoin technology, allows users to store and exchange digital assets safely and securely.

Blockchain 2.0, promotes the Smart contract, a concept that allows users to conduct online transactions without a third party’s input.

Blockchain 3.0, leverages the two previous blockchain versions’ powers to create the decentralized applications (dApps). These applications make transactions possible and eliminate the bottlenecks usually associated with involving intermediaries in transactions.

Finally the MMC concept. The previous generations’ powers are combined with new technologies and refined algorithms to create Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Moments’ goal is to incorporate decentralized financial products into the finance sector in the future. It thus creates a DeFi ecosystem that performs the following operations: payment application, loan, automatic accounting system, and savings.

The Products

Moments has created some products to help it achieve its goals. Some of its products are:

MMC Utility Token: Moments also created a utility token, the MMC token. Moment Factory Ten Limited, Moments’ parent company, issues this token to support the entire Moments’ operations.

MMC DEX: The MMC DEX is a peer-to-peer exchange where users can trade MMC, stablecoins, and other crypto assets. It offers crypto derivatives too.

MMC Investments: Moments offers investment packages. Through these packages, users can purchase MMC Coin on the platform’s MMC DEX. Coin owners can earn bonuses and dividends from any of the company’s investment packages.

Own Dapps on MMC Chain: Blockchain investors and developers without software experience and expertise to own decentralized applications and Application tokens powered by MMC chain by contributing meaningful ideas to the chain. The program also allows the community to list Tokens on MMC DEX at no cost. It provides a platform and toolset for building DeFi products on its MMC Chain. Through the MMC Games feature, it encourages and supports people with ideas and expertise to contribute and build Game Dapps on MMC Chain.

By taking advantage of modern technologies, Moments is creating a future driven by blockchain and AI technologies while opening doors of opportunities for investors to benefit from the potential impact of such technologies in the future.

About Moments

Moments is an open source third-generation blockchain ecosystem for buying, selling, or making payments with cryptocurrencies, building decentralized applications (Dapps) and providing crypto derivative and lending services.

With goal is to bring the ultimate DeFi experience to our MMC Chain community by combining and applying the strengths of blockchain technology such as crypto assets security, transparency, privacy, p2p exchange services and smart contracts.

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