Muchen Technology Launches Well Received Xiaomi G9 Vacuum Cleaner

SHENZHEN, China – () – Recently, Muchen Technology re-launched the Xiaomi G9 vacuum cleaner. This product is very popular in Germany. From Muchen Technology’s eBay store, G9 vacuum cleaner sales volume has hit nearly 5,000 units, which is a good number in the vacuum cleaner industry that fully reflects consumers’ love for products.

Some consumers’ opinions on this product can be found in the comment section of the eBay store of Muchen Technology: “This is my fourth device which I now have at home and will keep. The teat is really valuable and has a great feel. ” “Handy, independent, time-saving, quiet … many things that other manufacturers can also offer. But in my opinion no one can keep up with Xiaomi! Price-performance top. ” Cost-effective king and perfect cleanliness are the two most commented aspects.

Muchen Technology has summarized four advantages of the Xiaomi G9 vacuum cleaner:

  1. The 120AW strong suction power of the Xiaomi G9 can easily vacuum dust, crumbs, hair, cereal and coffee beans. Many customer comments have confirmed this.

  2. 2,500 mAh battery that can run for up to 60 minutes when fully charged and is equipped with a detachable battery and two batteries for simultaneous charging. By using the spare battery, the user can double the suction time to 120 minutes and does not have to throw away the whole machine if the battery is damaged.

  3. Parts library. Mini electric brush, crevice nozzle, 2-in-1 soft brush … …… G9 can handle various cleaning scenes such as air conditioning, keyboard, sofa and bed.

    The V-shaped design of the brush on the floor helps users avoid the hair tangles on the cleaning brush. G9 is the perfect choice when users have pets in their home.

  4. Great price advantage. Since its launch, the G9 has held a price of 160-190 euros.

On Black Friday, the Xiaomi G9 will cost the lowest 139 euros this year. At the same time, the top 100 buyers can receive a € 20 battery voucher on Black Friday. Activity time is only on the 26th from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, please don’t miss it.