MZ Technologies Rolls Out New Technology Roadmap

ROME, July 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – MZ Technologies has released its device / packaging co-design EDA tools roadmap, which outlines an agenda of additional features and plans for Generation 2.0 GENIO IC / Package co-design tool.

The MZ Technology Roadmap plans to add six new functions to the GENIO IC / Packaging Co-Design Tool in the next 18 months and lists plans for a GENIO 2.0 version sometime in 2023.

The MZ Technology Roadmap plans to add six new functions to the GENIO IC / Packaging Co-Design Tool in the next 18 months and lists plans for a GENIO 2.0 version sometime in 2023.

GENIUS became the first commercially available IC / package co-design tool when MZ Technologies started placing orders in August 2020. The roadmap calls for additional functions to be added to the current toolset. A parasitic estimator and support for stack planning is expected to be available in the first quarter of next year.

Assistance with parasitic estimation and stack planning

The parasitic estimate improves GENIO’s time to development superiority. This function enables an early system analysis based on virtual routes before the physical implementation. Parasitic estimation should be implemented after a chiplet-based system design and its system-level interconnections have optimized end-to-end 3D conscious signal assignment. The parasitic estimate then simulates a process-static timing analysis. The more technology information is available, the more accurate the estimate.

Stack planning support helps the designer to automatically identify the best possible 3D stack configuration under given physical and thermal constraints. This new land planning methodology provides more efficient chiplet-based 3D IC system organization, optimized for effective heat dissipation, and reduces the physical resources (TSVs) required for vertical interconnection.

The roadmap also identifies four more upgrades and reveals plans to roll out GENIO 2.0 sometime in 2023.

First available integrated co-design tool

GENIO’s proprietary, fully integrated EDA co-design tool provides an end-to-end IC and packaging platform for 2D / 2.5D / 3D system design. To date, the platform’s independent function has aroused great interest, as a number of well-known companies have carried out feasibility studies.

GENIUS integrates existing silicon and package EDA flows to create full co-design and optimization of complex multi-chip designs that include advanced heterogeneous microelectronic systems.

“As the company that brought the first commercially available co-design tool to market, we are committed to the EDA community to continue innovating,” said Anna Fontanelli, Founder and CEO of MZ Technologies. “Advanced packaging is clearly the way to keep the spirit of Moore’s Law alive across the spectrum of the semiconductor industry.”

GENIO’s full cross-hierarchical, 3D-enabled design methodology streamlines the entire IC ecosystem. It integrates IC and advanced packaging design to ensure complete system-level optimization, shortening the design cycle, reducing manufacturing time and improving yields.

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MZ Technologies is the marketing function of Monozukuri SpA Monozukuri’s mission is to meet the challenges of 2.5D and 3D design for next generation electronic products by providing innovative, groundbreaking EDA software solutions and methodologies. The technology redefines the co-design of heterogeneous microelectronic systems by offering an improved degree of automation in three-dimensional connection optimization.

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