Need to support innovation, new technology in case of failures due to genuine reasons: Gadkari

NEW DELHI: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Saturday to protect contractors and engineers who try out new technologies when they fail for good reasons. He said this was necessary to promote innovation in construction technologies.
Addressing a webinar on Bridge Deck Erection Technology, Gadkari said the system of government is very reluctant to introduce new technologies and innovate in the implementation of Projects.
“If an accident happens in the implementation of projects by people who apply new technologies, carry out experiments and use good successful practices, we only need to support them, if the Bonafides do not doubt … Nobody wants to take responsibility for innovation and research.” so how can we expect this to happen. A negative approach, especially in the system of government, creates negativity, ”said Gadkari.
He said there is a need to adopt good and successful practices around the world without hesitation, and policies must be conducive to encouraging innovation to find alternative materials to steel and cement for construction projects. The minister said the focus should be on reducing construction costs.
Gadkari accused steel and cement companies of carteling in the country to drive up prices.