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In this edition, Barcelona is testing Spain’s first photovoltaic pavement as part of the city’s climate neutral initiatives with a six-month evaluation of the system to assess the potential of solar paving across the city. The company providing the solar paving is Platio Solar, which touts the durability, effectiveness and simplicity of its system as an effective proposition in helping cities with ecology.

In addition, ACWA Power of Saudi Arabia has invested in some of the world’s largest solar energy projects, including the $ 800 million Redstone plant in South Africa and the Egyptian Kom Ombo plant, both of which are the largest solar projects in their respective countries. However, with the Chinese government owning a 49% stake in the company and the company itself is headquartered in Saudi Arabia, its moves could be aimed at both clean energy development and reclaiming some of the power in a global energy industry who has been dominated by gamers like the US for generations? We’re examining.

Ultimately, the question arises, “What is renewable electricity?”. It may seem simple, but the complexities of the world’s energy supplies mean that it can be difficult to come up with an answer. Nuclear power has long been at the forefront of this debate, with its environmental impact often confronted with its potential catastrophic damage.

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Trailblazer: Are Solar Sidewalks A Viable Way To Decarbonize Our Cities?

As part of the city’s climate-neutral initiatives, Spain’s first photovoltaic pavement is being tested in Barcelona. Platio Solar, the company that provides solar paving, believes that the longevity, efficiency and simplicity of its system can help turn more and more busy urban areas into green. Julian Turner reports.

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Saudi Arabia Solar: How the State Invested in Solar Projects Abroad

ACWA Power from Saudi Arabia has invested in some of the world’s largest solar power projects, including the Redstone plant in South Africa and the Kom Ombo power plant in Egypt. JP Casey explores how these investments, with Saudi money and local support for solar energy, could create a new sense of collaboration and renewable investments in the region.

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Clean electricity standards: In the emergency of hydropower and nuclear power

While the question, “What is renewable electricity?” May seem simple, the complexity of the world’s energy supply means that it can be difficult to come up with an answer. JP Casey asks: Can nuclear power follow hydropower in Europe and be included in clean energy legislation?

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Beyond smart cities: supplying new grids with electricity

The world’s largest cities have tried to make themselves smarter by using technology and data to optimize power generation and distribution. Now a new level of cities will use these technologies in their foundations. Matt Farmer takes a look at the super cities under construction that will redefine urban power.

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Redesigning renewable storage

As the need for energy storage is exacerbated by global efforts by companies to decarbonize their power generation, Yoana Cholteeva examines the innovations and growing challenges in storing energy from renewable sources.

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Bring solar fuel to light

After solar technologists Synhelion produced the first solar fuel from air and sunlight under real field conditions in 2019, the company has now teamed up with energy technology company Wood to bring solar-based synthetic fuels to market quickly. Yoana Cholteeva examines how efficient solar energy is and what the two companies cook together.

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Preview – Future Power Technology September 2021

Battery technology is playing an increasingly important role in certain sectors, such as electric vehicles, but continues to face development difficulties in infrastructure and metal supply.

In the next issue we will examine the state of the battery market and examine how energy storage solutions support the energy transition and which challenges the sector still has to overcome.