New PICO® XP Jetting Technology from Nordson EFD Gives Manufacturers Next-Level Production Control

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – () –Nordson EFD, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN) and leading manufacturer of precision dosing systems for liquids, represents the PICO® Piezoelectric beam system XP Designed to maintain precise, repeatable, non-contact valve-to-valve fluid delivery after servicing, regardless of external factors such as temperature changes.

“This is by far our most advanced and innovative blasting technology to date,” said Claude Bergeron, senior global product line manager, Nordson EFD. “We designed this system specifically to solve the problems manufacturers face on their production lines, especially in electronic display applications.”

Too often manufacturers notice changes in dispensing rate in applications where it is critical that the correct amount of adhesive, sealant, or coating is applied evenly so that they can meet consumer demands.

In these applications, even a slight change in the internal geometry of the valve can affect the repeatability of the liquid separation. Because of this, a valve with the same dispensing settings can produce slightly different dispensing results than another. This is also the reason why the dispensing results can change slightly after the liquid body of a valve is removed, cleaned for maintenance purposes and then returned to the valve.

the PICO XP blasting system‘s unique self-regulating calibration controls for fluid body tolerance variations to maintain the same micro-dosing reproducibility from valve to valve and after maintenance.

Its unique sustained stroke homing feature allows it to self-adjust to maintain its micrometer (µm) stroke setting for long periods of time, regardless of environmental conditions such as B. Temperature changes that can change the dispensing results over time.

The system includes a PICO Pµlse XP jet valve and PICO Toµch XP controller with intuitive touchscreen interface for simplified setup. It can continuously apply micro-deposits up to 0.5 nL at speeds up to 1000 Hz (deposits per second).

The quick-release fastener of the valve enables the fluid body to be removed without tools for easier cleaning of the fluid path, which saves the manufacturer time during maintenance. And the valve can be equipped with multiple fluid bodies with different properties and nozzle sizes to meet manufacturers’ unique and versatile application needs.

Nordson EFD’s PICO XP nozzle system will be featured at the following global trade shows:




Semicon SEA (Virtual Show)


August 23rd – August 27th

CIOE Show (Booth # 11C74)

China – Shenzhen

Sept 16-18
NEPCON Asia (Stand # 1G20) China – Shenzhen Oct 20-22

The assembly show (booth # 721)

USA – Rosemont, IL

Oct 26th – Oct 28th

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