New Report Features Women’s Technology Visions for a More Equal Future

The # SheTransformsTech report highlights how women are transforming technology and outlines a new global tech agenda led by women.

PORTLAND, Ore .– (BUSINESS WIRE) –#SheTransformsTech–Women around the world use technology to stimulate movements, learn about and secure their rights, stand up for marginalized groups and mobilize offline actions. However, they say technology needs a transformation of its own: more women in decision-making positions, stricter privacy and security laws, cheaper access to technology, and female-taught digital skills training.

These are some of the key findings and recommendations that are in the business today # SheTransformsTech report, a detailed collection of data-driven insights, personal narratives and visionary solutions published by the global social network World Pulse.

At the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, World Pulse surveyed female leaders and marginalized communities from around the world on key technology issues and opportunities. Their answers confirm dire statistics showing that around half of women worldwide stay offline and are underrepresented worldwide as users, manufacturers and leaders in the technology industry. These inequalities have only been exacerbated by the rapid digitization of the pandemic. The # SheTransformsTech report highlights actions policymakers, tech companies, and governments must take to make technology work for women, who come directly from the hardest hit.

The publication of the report coincides with Girls on ICT Day and is supported by a coalition of 27 partners, including EQUAL, Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL), World Wide Web Foundation, Vodafone Americas Foundation and international women’s rights networks.

The #SheTransformsTech The report is the culmination of a year-long campaign and includes:

  • Analysis of more than 530 responses from over 60 countries (over 400 survey responses; over 130 personal narratives).

  • Key Findings and Recommendations for Policy Makers, Tech Companies, and Individuals Regarding Digital Empowerment, Technology Access, Online Safety, and More.

  • Stories from women, in their own words, of how they use technology forever and how technology can better help support women’s leadership.

  • Special highlights on the impact of COVID-19 on technology access and use; Improving access for people with disabilities; and promoting the training of digital skills.

key #SheTransformsTech Statistics:

  • 91% of respondents agreed or agreed with the statement: “Technology has had a positive effect on my life.”

  • Almost 50% say that the quality of their internet connection is a barrier to access to technology.

  • 75% said they had experienced some form of online harassment or abuse.

  • Over 22% of those affected said they closed an online account as a result of this harassment.

In addition to listing the barriers and concerns that limit women’s ability to fully benefit from technology, the report provides solutions for one way forward. “In this report, you will read the unheard voices and powerful perspectives of women and gender-specific individuals from around the world,” said Jensine Larsen, Founder and CEO of World Pulse. “Taken together, these voices call for nothing less than a fundamental realignment of the technology industry’s priorities and call on us to harness the tremendous leadership potential of women online around the world to create a better technology future for all of us.”

In the report, Kenya’s Leonida Odongo wrote how COVID-19 awakened the world to a new era of technology and drove home the urgency of closing the digital divide. “My ideal world is where everyone has access to technology – where we can connect, no matter where we live,” she said.

The results of the report will be made available to global decision-makers, technology leaders and the United Nations as one of the contributions to the Beijing + 25 #GenerationEquality campaign.

The report is just the beginning. World Pulse has set up a technology hub on its social network that allows women to connect and share technology-related stories and solutions. The recommendations also provide information on new international cross-sectoral initiatives to expand global networks of digital trainers, to increase inclusiveness in technology design and to use technology to strengthen women’s rights movements.

“We need to center those who are most affected by the problems in creating the solutions,” says one US respondent. Karen Mukwasi, a software developer from Zimbabwe, explains, “It’s time to take up space and bring the revolution to technology.”

Read the full report on World Pulse Here.

About World Pulse: World pulse is an independent, women-run social network that brings together female leaders around the world to accelerate global change. With a decade of experience harnessing the power of technology to build the leadership roles of women around the world, World Pulse provides a supportive, secure online space where 75,000 women from more than 200 countries can socialize, acquire digital leadership skills and Share stories and resources to hone their leadership skills.

About EQUALITY:: EQUAL is a groundbreaking global network powered by a dedicated partnership of over 100 business leaders, governments and nonprofits around the world working together to bridge the digital gender divide – bringing women and girls to tech and technology to women and girls – thereby improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

About the Vodafone Americas Foundation: Vodafone Americas Foundation ™ is part of the Vodafone global foundation network. The Vodafone Americas Foundation promotes social change in global and local communities through innovative solutions. Their mission is to connect an ecosystem of partners who use technology to empower women and girls.


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