New route technology coming to Wichita Falls trash trucks

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX / KJTL) – Garbage truck drivers in Wichita Falls could find their jobs a little more manageable in the coming months.

That’s because Wichita Falls City Council approved a bid of more than $ 150,000 for an on-board guidance system that will build a GPS-like system into the trucks.

Wichita Falls Public Works Director Russell Schreiber said he and the city council have been trying for the past few months to find ways to make roadside garbage collection more efficient.

“It’s very difficult for these guys to learn a route. It takes a lot of time, it takes a long time, because basically most of the time you drive from memory and so with the new software. We will be able to train a new employee to operate the truck and in three months we will be able to put him in the truck with the iPad and say, let’s go route three, ”says Schreiber.

The new software comes from Routeware Inc and is an on-board automated GPS system used to optimize roadside pick-up services. The software is installed on iPads to help drivers navigate their routes.

“It will optimize our routes, we will be able to balance the routes that you heard on the agenda item that some of our routes are very unbalanced. One has 1,300 stops and takes 13 hours to travel and one has 500 stops and takes seven hours, ”said Schreiber.

Councilors and clerks agree that this new software is needed.

“With this software, we can save the routes in the trucks on an iPad, so it’s basically like yours. When we are navigating a trip, we enter a destination into our phones and follow the blue line that will allow us, ”said Schreiber.

The new addition will of course mean the most to the drivers of these trucks.

“They are going to be excited to have this in their trucks like I said, so someone will remember, oh I have to go down that street, then I have to turn around and come back on the other side of the street and then I skip two streets and I ‘ have to go down the street. It’s very difficult, ”said Schreiber.

He said that this new technology should be here to give extra help to drivers very soon.

They hope that this new software will be implemented by February 2022. Financing comes from this year’s budget.