New spine surgery technology is faster and radiation free

After a car accident with a tractor-trailer in 2019, Melina Pedraza experienced daily pain.

The 46-year-old Bridgeport resident said she had pain and weakness all over the lower part of her body, including her hips and toes. “At random times of the day, it felt like someone was setting my foot on fire,” said Pedraza.

She had nerve damage and lost feeling in part of her left leg. She also had weakness in her legs. “(When getting up) I had to regain my balance,” said Pedraza. “For someone in their forties, having trouble walking is not a good thing.”

When other treatments didn’t help, she opted for spinal surgery, which she had on March 18th. Pedraza is one of approximately 10 patients who have been operated on with the new 7D technology at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport.

The hospital, which began using 7D earlier this year, is one of the few facilities in the state using the technology, said Dr. Gerard Girasole, co-director of the CT Orthopedic Institute at Hartford HealthCare and St. Vincent.