New technology allows world audience to hear Carillon at Mayo

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – The art of playing the carillon originated in Europe more than 500 years ago. Today there are more than 180 carillons in the US and Canada. The Mayo Clinic is the only medical center in North America with a carillon.

Thanks to the technology installed this week, viewers from around the world can hear and see the carillon in all its glory.

“The carillon is an icon of the Mayo Clinic’s mission. We believe in medicine as an art and a science, and the carillon has been an integral part of our Rochester campus since 1928, ”said Matthew Dacy, chairman of the Mayo Clinic Heritage Days program.

It is also known as the Rochester Carillon because the Mayo brothers intended to enjoy its music by people across the community.

With a permanently installed webcam and a sophisticated audio system, the carillon can now be enjoyed by everyone.

“It’s fun to see this historic instrument take on a 21st century digital application,” said Dacy.

The youngest of the four Carilloneurs, Austin Ferguson, was taught how to use and perform with the new software and equipment. He’s not used to being seen by his audience, but understands how unique this experience is.

“Mayo has one of the most dedicated chimes I’ve ever come across. It’s very encouraging. I think it’s been around so long that it’s rooted not just in the mind of Mayo but in Rochester in general.” said Ferguson.

The Mayo Clinic received this new technology from the sisters of St. Francis together with donations from the Rauenhorst family.

A one-hour concert for the world premiere of the Live broadcast The event is scheduled for May 14th at 12 noon CDT.

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