New technology could lead to safer roads and less congestion | News

GWINNETT County, Georgia (CBS46) – New innovative technology tested in a Gwinnett County community could make roads safer and less congested.

Brandon Branham is Assistant City Manager at Peachtree Corners, testing new cellular technology you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The technology installed in a Ford Edge test vehicle interacts with traffic lights and pedestrian crossings over a 5G cellular network, giving the driver warnings of nearby objects such as cars or pedestrians and helping the driver make decisions at the wheel.

“We have devices along the roadway connected to our infrastructure so that vehicles can talk to traffic lights or pedestrian crossings, where we see the value in making our roads safer for both cyclists and pedestrians because now we the drivers ahead can warn time, ”said Branham.

The technology could hit the market in the next two years. It works much like the Waze navigation system that many drivers currently use on their phones.

“Very similar concept. Waze uses crowd sourcing so they let us enter this data and now we’re just using the same concept but using the infrastructure to send it to the vehicle so no one has to do it, ”said Branham.

Perhaps the most important characteristic of the new technology is that it can cause traffic signals to change to keep up with the flow of traffic.

“We are able to make adaptive signal changes before it even starts to secure itself. We can see vehicles 300 to 400 meters up the street and say they are starting to check in, so let’s go ahead and change the signal. So it takes some stress off and reduces emissions, ”said Branham.

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