New technology designed to get help to wounded law enforcement faster

The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office is trying new technology to keep MPs safe.

The automatic injury detection is supposed to help you faster if you are injured. It’s a plastic sheet that goes into a law enforcement officer’s vest. There are sensors in the control panel that can send important information to first aiders in seconds in an emergency.

“If there is any type of piercing, bullet, knife, splinter, or something that tears or punctures the plastic, it will be detected and a call for help will be sent automatically,” said John Bohlke of Select Engineering Services, the company that manufactures the product.

Cell phones and radio command centers receive notifications with important information within seconds.

“Officer’s information on where they were injured in their bodies and a very precise link to their location,” said Bohlke.

“When a new device or technology comes out, I’ll take care of it to keep these men and women safe,” said Craig Owens, Cobb County Sheriff.

The sheriff’s officers received a demonstration of how the system worked on Thursday afternoon. Sheriff Owens said he saw where this could mean the difference between life and death for his deputies.

“When these people are in the corridors of the prison, they get into an argument or argument and an inmate pulls out a shaft. We have seconds to know where they are,” Sheriff Owens said.

The cost is $ 400 per person. But Sheriff Owens knows every second in an emergency, and saving a life is worth every penny.

“Anything we can do to keep our MPs from getting hurt is worth the money,” Sheriff Owens said.

Sheriff Owens said they are considering putting automatic injury detection on a test run. It is currently used by about 30 law enforcement agencies across the country. If the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office decides to use them, they will be the first Georgia sheriff’s office to do so.

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