New veterinary technology building in the works at Northeast Community College | SiouxlandProud | Sioux City, IA

NORFOLK, Neb. (KCAU) – Approximately $ 5,000 students attend Northeast Community College here. The region has a strong agricultural sector and thanks to a new project at the NCC, students who want to enter this field will be better prepared than ever.

The school is building the Nexus project, a veterinary technology building that will soon be added to campus.

“We began this process almost 5 years ago when we met with their employers and our business partners in the industry to see what we need to do to prepare students for the future of farming,” said Tracy Kruse, Vice President of Development and External Affairs.

Kruse said the industry is constantly changing.

The future of agriculture is crucial, almost every second job in this region or supporting agriculture and you know we are able to feed the world’s people and if we are the third largest agricultural state in the nation it is really crucial that we invest there we, ”said Kruse.

Along with the new structure, there is a 500 acre farm where students have the opportunity to complete hands-on training and education.

Tara Smydra. The dean of science, technology, ag and math said the building was more than a place to hold courses.

“This project is about servicing the ag across Nebraska and beyond,” said Smydra.

“There is a shortage of veterinary technicians nationwide, as is Nebraska, and this enables us to keep our students on the best of the best in training not just small animals but larger animals as well. “Said Mike Cooper, the director of the veterinary technology program.

Cooper hopes that the 350 ag students will be prepared with the new improvements and confidently make the transition into the world of work.

Construction work was delayed somewhat due to problems caused by the pandemic. Although they can enter the building in the fall, they won’t be holding classes until the spring of 2022.