NHS Providers highlights how to make right technology decisions

NHS Providers has released its latest guide under the Digital Boards program, which focuses on making the right technology decisions that Digital Health News can exclusively reveal.

The guide is designed to provide trust bodies with the understanding and confidence they need to make informed decisions about technology so that they are less intimidating and more accessible.

It’s part of NHS Providers’ Digital Boards ProgramCommissioned by Health Education England and supported by NHSX. The aim of the program is to support board members in managing the digital transformation agenda.

The latest guide, ‘‘Make the right technology decisions‘, was produced jointly by NHS Providers and Public Digital.

NHS Providers Deputy CEO Saffron Cordery said, “The pandemic has put the digital in the spotlight, with a wealth of innovations and many services customizing their delivery.

“As a result, boards of directors need to make technology decisions on a regular basis. This includes managing risks, making decisions and ultimately avoiding wrong decisions.

“This guide assists all CEOs by providing them with the questions and considerations they need to reflect during the decision-making process.

“We look forward to continuing to work with trusts as part of our wider Digital Boards program, supported by HEE and NHSX, and to continue to offer free development sessions for individual Trust Boards to help guide these conversations.”

The latest guide is designed to help bodies understand some of the strategic issues facing the sector and help them navigate issues such as interoperability and electronic health record retrieval.

Sonia Patel, NHSX’s chief information officer, added, “Boards should be able to make decisions about technology as much as they discuss finance, quality and operations.

“This will allow trusts to identify digital technologies that can improve care and transform services for frontline users and citizens. The Guide to Digital Boards helps demystify the technology agenda for board members and better equip them to lead digitally from the board. “

The guide is the fourth part of the Digital Boards program below “A new era of digital leadership”, ‘Building and empowering digital teams‘ and last ‘Build a digital strategy‘.

Patrick Mitchell, Director of Innovation, Digital and Transformation at Health Education England, said, “We welcome the release of this latest guide that will help healthcare leaders ask the right questions as they make decisions about implementing technological solutions in their business Meet trusts.

“It is critical that these decisions not only benefit their own organization and their patients, but also take into account the broader context and the importance of integrating digital and data strategies into their broader local system when setting up integrated care systems.”