PAR Technology Adds GoGoGuest And Its Intelligent Customer Profiles Capability to Growing Brink POS® Integration Ecosystem

NEW HARTFORD, NY – () –ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a global restaurant technology company and provider of unified commerce cloud platforms for corporate restaurants, announced a new partnership with GoGoGuest, expanding its robust customer intelligence solutions for the Brink POS® System. ParTech, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE: PAR).

Based in San Francisco, California, GoGoGuest provides hospitality brands with much-needed help to better understand the data they collect. Their suite of customer intelligence solutions uses AI and data-driven insights to empower restaurants, cafes and bars of all sizes to drive sales through personalized cross-channel loyalty management, shopping cart analysis and customer analysis.

GoGoGuest enables brands to better manage and measure customer interaction and engagement across all inputs, resulting in data that is easier to organize, analyze and trade, leading to a deeper understanding of sales cycles, pricing strategies and work trends . The solution integrates seamlessly with hospitality systems and collects data from all sources on a single platform, which enables cross-functional collaboration without the need for additional analysts or data teams.

Powerful customer profiles at the Brink POS®

The secret of GoGoGuest is its intelligent customer profiles, which make it a powerful addition to the Brink POS® Ecosystem. “Thanks to our partnership with PAR, we can provide any restaurant concept with the tools it needs to better serve guests,” said GoGoGuest CEO and co-founder Jessica Valenzuela. “With access to expanded customer data and analytical insights, brands can spend less money attracting diners to their restaurants while increasing loyalty and creating personalized marketing.”

“Often times, the data collected through guest touchpoints in high traffic locations is disorganized and difficult to work with,” added Chad Horn, director of strategic partnerships at PAR. “That’s why GoGoGuest’s Customer Intelligence Suite is such an important integration. It is easy to use, offers customers a central funnel for all incoming data, analyzes everything intelligently and makes intelligent recommendations across all channels – as if you had a team of analysts and marketers in your pocket. ”

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GoGoGuest leverages powerful customer intelligence and business insights to drive sales in stores and on the web to restaurants, cafes and bars of all sizes through personalized cross-channel loyalty management, shopping cart analysis and customer analysis. Check out their products and solutions


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