Playermaker Technology Accepted into FIFA’s NEW Innovation Programme

The device specifically addresses the challenge that the Board has identified with performance technologies. So far, the most common electronic tracking and performance system used has been the rear-mounted GPS solution, which provides a solid measurement baseline but does not fully capture the impact of the feet.

The technology turns every soccer shoe into a connected solution and has been tested and proven by more than 150 of the world’s leading elite academies and teams. With Playermaker, athletes and their coaches as well as budding amateurs can use the UNO by Playermaker solution to capture both physical and technical quantifiable knowledge and data when used. At the end of each session with the device, the data is uploaded to the cloud so that the trainers can easily access it. The integration of technology provides a much-needed tool for professional footballers and coaches to better understand player performance and guide decision-making using data that drives player development.

You can find detailed information on the innovation project on the FIFA website Here.

“Playermaker has developed a foot-mounted IMU device that many players wear during training. In contrast to rear-mounted wearables, this product allows further insight into performance and medical disciplines due to its position on the shoe, thus providing data on the lower limbs promise to be a cost-effective alternative for collecting individual and team data and for simplifying analysis, thus helping to make tracking technologies available for more football levels, because the device is worn over the shoe It is not currently compatible with the legal devices on the Internet. The current project therefore aims to demonstrate the value of Playermaker for the coaching team in the game through a controlled experiment in cooperation with the FA. If it turns out that it offers added value , the technology will even pave the way for approval of the Ge räts level certification under the FIFA quality program for electronic performance and tracking systems. “- Summary, FIFA Innovation Project

FIFA’s solution-oriented innovation program, launched late last year, shows a significant investment in integrating advanced technology into professional sport – a commitment that Playermaker is happy to support as it firmly believes in the benefits and future of technology in professional sport .

Guy Aharon, CEO and Co-Founder of Playermaker, said:: “We are thrilled to be the first foot-mounted wearable device to proudly bear the FIFA Innovation Program brand. This is a major milestone for both player-makers and professional sports technology, and paves the way for connected foot-mount wearable sensors Gold standard in player development technology around the world. We thank FIFA for their support and innovation in making this possible. It is fantastic to see this respected organization advocating and investing in integrated technological advances. “

About Playermaker

Founded in 2019, Playermaker is a sports technology company revolutionizing the way soccer players of all levels develop their skills by providing insights into performance at the highest level with its shoe-mounted wearable device. The breakthrough technology is the fastest growing platform for shoe performance today, turning every soccer shoe into a connected solution. It then provides in-depth analysis and monitoring of key players’ performance indicators through foot-to-ball interactions with its SQUAD solution developed for teams and the UN by Playermaker for individual use. With offices in the US, UK and IsraelUsed by elite clubs and academies around the world, their solutions provide some of the most forward-thinking players, teams and coaches with a competitive advantage without the need for additional infrastructure or installation.

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