RAYSHAPE Talks Mass Manufacturing of High-Performance Parts Using DLP Technology

Nowadays, more and more companies are using 3D printing, not just for prototyping but also for the production of final parts. This is thanks to the numerous advantages of additive manufacturing technology, including reduced costs and manufacturing time, local manufacturing or minimal material scrap. In case of DLP (digital light processing) Resin technology, the process offers a high printing speed, a high surface quality as well as dimensional and material accuracy that would be inconceivable with other processes. One of the companies that work with this technology is RAYSHAPEwhich is based in China. To find out more about technology, solutions and target industries, we spoke to founder Zhen Liu, who introduced his company to us.

3dn: can you briefly introduce yourself and explain your connection to 3d printing?

My name is Zhen Liu (Bill), the founder of RAYSHAPE. I entered the 3D printing industry in 2013 right after graduating from college. During my almost six years at UnionTech as CTO, I learned a lot through intensive research and development of photo-curing 3D printing products and research into industrial applications, which enabled me to gain experience in software, hardware and material development in addition to leading the team. As a result, I have developed a deep understanding of the direction and possibilities of the 3D printing industry. That’s why I founded RAYSHAPE in 2019.

Ray shape

Zhen Liu (Bill), founder of RAYSHAPE

3dn: what is RAYSHAPE and how did the idea to develop it come about?

RAYSHAPE is a 3D printing technology company that focuses on the “mass production of precision parts for end use”. We have a variety of solutions, including professional and industrial 3D printers. We have sold over 1000 3D printers. Investors have recognized our positioning in the market, which enables us to accumulate investments of over $ 10 million after two years of inception.

In recent years, 3D printing has made breakthroughs in direct manufacturing of end-use parts. When it comes to machining precision end parts, however, not many companies have made great strides in the field. On this basis, we have focused on photo-curing 3D printing technology in order to achieve flexible manufacturing of precision parts for end use.

3DN: At RAYSHAPE you develop solutions based on DLP technology. What are the benefits of resin 3D printing?

Among all the photo-curing 3D printing technologies, DLP 3D printing technology has the most advantages: fast printing speed, high surface quality, dimensional accuracy and high material performance. In RAYSHAPE’s current DLP technology scheme, the initial resin fill requirement is often less than 1kg, and users can swap out the resin tank in less than 1 minute. At the same time, compared to LCD technology, DLP is more suitable for corporate customers who require high reliability and minimal maintenance.


Resin 3D printing offers several advantages when making end parts (Image credit: RAYSHAPE)

3dn: what sectors are you targeting? Can you mention one of your customers?

Our main markets at this stage are digital dentistry, healthcare, consumer electronics and manufacturing. RAYSHAPE offers a complete solution for digital dentistry, including special software and 3D printers on the treatment chair for clinics.

In mainland China market, we have large chains of dental clinics such as Bybo, ARRAIL Group and Doctor Dental, as well as dental laboratory customers such as Jiahong, Dent and GraceFul and the West China Hospital of Sichuan University and Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital.

We are currently concentrating on the two main fields of the industrial market, one on entertainment electronics and the other on communication. Customers such as HUAWEI, Schneider, Tinno Mobile and Anker Innovation trust our products.

3dn: where do you see the additive manufacturing industry in the next five years?

I think there will be more technological innovations in additive manufacturing. For example, there will be technological breakthroughs in plastic 3D printing technology such as composite materials, high-speed printing, high-precision printing, and printing without support structures. Additive manufacturing will expand to a wider range of application scenarios in the sub-industry to solve more problems.

At RAYSHAPE we will do our part. In the next five year plans, we will be making significant innovations in the DLP 3D printing method, material formula system, software algorithm, and other aspects of 3D printing equipment.


Some of RAYSHAPE’s DLP solutions (Image credit: RAYSHAPE)

3dn: any last words for our readers?

The entire industry is developing rapidly, and new technologies are gradually emerging. We also strive to have intensive contact with other industries and customers worldwide, and are ready to work together to develop innovations together. You can find out more on our website HERE.

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* Cover picture credits: RAYSHAPE