REGIONAL: Farm receives national grant for transformational technology – The Stanly News & Press

Through a partnership with Pee Dee Electric and North Carolinas Electric Cooperatives, Marshville-based White Rocks Farms has received a grant of USD 25,000 from the Beneficial Electrification League, an innovation-oriented national cooperation.

The grant will use industry leading electrical engineering to save money on the farm and reduce emissions. At the same time, the power grid will become more robust and serve as a test case for future projects across the country.

“It is very rewarding for Pee Dee Electric to assist White Rock Farms in obtaining this grant, which provides an affordable and environmentally friendly solution to a need they had
Farm, ”said Donnie Spivey, CEO and Executive Vice President of Pee Dee Electric. “This project is also designed to show how this emerging technology is not only profitable, but also a successful solution for everyone involved.”

White Rock Farms will partner with Pee Dee Electric and North Carolinas Electric Cooperatives to convert a lagoon pumping system for animal waste from a diesel engine to a large single-phase electric motor. The single phase motor offers a lower cost electrification option than the typical three phase power for animal waste disposal. By using a 60
Single-phase motor and pump combination with horsepower The motor works cleaner and more efficiently and requires less maintenance and personnel.

“If you live in an area served by a single-phase distribution system and you need a large motor, your options are limited: Bring in three-phase power, which can be costly. Use a
Install a phase inverter or a diesel engine to get the job done, ”said Jim Musilek, director of innovation and business development for Electric Cooperatives in North Carolina. “This new option – with a single-phase, high-powered electric motor – changes the game and in this case is a winner for everyone involved. White Rock Farms save diesel fuel, have less
Downtime and more productivity. Local emissions will be virtually eliminated, and Pee Dee Electric and North Carolinas Electric Cooperatives will be able to demonstrate this
Technology is a viable option. “

White Rock Farms is one of five organizations across the country receiving a portion of the $ 100,000 in funding offered by the Beneficial Electrification League. The advantageous electrification describes the transition to the use of electrical energy instead of fossil fuels and offers a wide range of advantages resulting from improved energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions as well as cost savings and productivity increases. As technology advances, North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives, including Pee Dee Electric, are looking for ways to electrify devices, equipment, and processes and make them more efficient, smarter, and cheaper.

“The new pump not only enables cost savings, but is also a further step towards the goal of being climate-neutral or better. We want to use new technologies like this to help our farm
can be a model for future farmers who want to incorporate similar practices, ”said Roddy Purser of White Rock Farms. “We are proud to have been selected as one of the Beneficial Electrification League scholarship holders this year, and we appreciate the research and commitment of everyone involved.”

White Rock Farms is a locally owned and operated dairy, pig, poultry and goat farm located in the southernmost part of the Pee Dee Electric service area. The farm is located on the very edge of the rural seven-county coverage area of Pee Dee and is single-phase powered.

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