Registered Apprenticeship In Information Technology Is Putting Virginians To Work While Filling The Need For Software Developers

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for software developers will increase by 22% by 2029. Traditionally, employers have opted for four-year courses to fill this gap. However, employers cite a lack of practical experience and skills in filling vacancies and the added burden of high turnover rates. Smoothstack’s apprenticeship program is revolutionizing the IT industry by offering an alternative path to an IT career. Unlike pay-for-training programs, Smoothstack engages participants from day one, paying them for both study and work.

By focusing on the needs of employer partners, Smoothstack adapts the recruitment and training of different candidates. The apprenticeship simulates the real technology environment of the employer partners and ensures a seamless transition between learning in the classroom and the workplace. By working with Smoothstack, employer partners develop a well-trained workforce, build their bank with specialists, benefit from increased employee loyalty and diversity, and improve their bottom line overall.

“We appreciate the support we have received from the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry – Division of Registered Apprenticeship in making this program a success. We are grateful for the local support and look forward to welcoming apprentices to our new cybersecurity Register the course. ” Martha Laughman, Director of Human Resources Development

“Director Morrison was excited to develop this program because it demonstrated the feasibility of using the Registered Apprenticeship (RA) model for information technology, computing and cybersecurity Northern Virginia Area abounds in opportunity for businesses of all sizes in the sector “- Virginia Department of Labor and Industry

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