RGF® Environmental Group PHI-CELL® Technology Approved in Canada and United Kingdom to Inactivate Airborne Viruses in Indoor Environments

PORT OF PALM BEACH, Florida – () – RGF® Environmental Group, Inc., a leader in environmental design and manufacturing, approves RGF’s patented PHI-CELL. known® by the Governments of Canada and the United Kingdom for installation in commercial, healthcare and educational facilities. Each state approval was after reviewing independent studies that show that The PHI-CELL® technology inactivates over 99.9% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on surfaces and 99.5% of the aerosolized form.

“RGF® is working with public authorities around the world to review and test our proven air treatment solutions that eliminate viruses and bacteria, ”notes Dr. James Marsden, Executive Director of Science and Technology, RGF® Environmental Group, Inc. “When governments reopen their economies, they can provide better indoor air quality for their citizens and visitors.”

The details of each regulatory approval are noted as follows.

Canada, Health Canada – PHI® Devices classified as class 1 medical devices

Health Canada has classified PHI® devices as a Class 1 medical device, which is defined in the Food and Drugs Act as a health tool used to relieve or prevent a disease. DESCO, part of GROUPE DESCHENES, is licensed by Health Canada to sell medical instruments and is the sole distributor of RGF’s PHI® technology as a medical device in Canada. “With the successful classification, RGF® Air cleaning systems can now be installed in Canadian offices, retail outlets, hospitals and schools, ”comments Jean-Francois Baron, President of Spectral Air, representing RGF. in Canada® Air purification systems.

United Kingdom, National Health Services – 3 Year Contract

The East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub has a three year contract for the procurement of RGF. approved® Air purification systems sold through Healthy Indoor Environments Ltd. should be driven out. These services and products are suitable for all areas of hospitals, both for patient-oriented as well as for support functions and office environments, whereby the safety of patients and employees is paramount. ”

Simulated space test protocol

Innovative Bioanalysis Laboratories in Cypress, California conducted the third party testing. RGF’s testing procedure used the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a large chamber (1,280 cu. Ft.) That represents a real world conditioned commercial space. The virus was nebulized into the room to simulate an infected person sneezing or coughing. The results of the test include:

  • PHI CELL from RGF® Technology inactivates more than 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces and 99.5% of the aerosolized form of SARS-CoV-2.

  • REME-HALO. by RGF® which leads to an inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 in the air to> 99% indoors.

DISCLAIMER: The abstract and all comments herein are based on the results of an independent laboratory study conducted under controlled conditions and do not in any way constitute medical claims. The products and technologies described are not medical devices and are not intended to be used for disease, virus or disease diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent.

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