‘Robot dog’ helps Orange County construction crew using new technology

A four-legged friend helps out construction crews in Orange County.

“Spot”, a mobile robot from Boston Dynamics, helps the Robins & Morton construction team to do their work more efficiently and safely.

“Spot does the day-to-day tasks that they normally have to do every day,” explains Robins & Morton’s David Pratt.

He operated the “Hundebot” in the future HostDime facility in Eatonville.

Spot can work remotely or alone. It scans the area to make sure things are in the right place and goes beyond the bureaucracy that can be unsafe for people.

“There are robots with wheels, but they can’t maneuver over terrain like this. Spot can drive over obstacles, avoid obstacles, avoid people, avoid things and even has a shutdown function where it lies down, ”said Pratt.

The robot helps contractors streamline visual data collection and improves workplace safety for its human colleagues by securely accessing hard or dangerous areas such as crawl spaces and roofs without barriers. With its ability to navigate construction sites, climb stairs and work in demanding environments, the spot robot can be equipped to take 360-degree images of a construction site, perform 3D laser scanning and conditions behind walls, under floors and above Document ceilings.

Spot has what is known as a “dog house” where results are uploaded and shared over the Internet. The company said it was a new technology that could make it easier for construction teams, especially now during a labor shortage.

“We didn’t know they were going to use the canine bot, but when they told me about it, this was the first project they were going to use it on, it made sense.”

Manny Vivar of HostDime, the hardware storage data center under construction, says the technology is also making sure the project is on time.

Boston Dynamic’s robot starts at around $ 75,000. All additions are extra.

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