Ronald McDonald House of Durham & Wake Receives New UV Technology to Help Maintain Healthy Environment for Patients and Families

DURHAM, NC – () – A new device with advanced UVC light technology that removes pathogens from the soles of shoes now welcomes people as they get in and out Ronald McDonald House (RMH) from Durham. The HealthySole PLUS unit, donated by Necklaces Medical Equipment and HealthySole is the latest addition to a comprehensive infection prevention program at RMH to help ensure the health and safety of patients and families.

When standing on the device, the soles of the visitor’s shoes are scanned with ozone-free UVC light, which has been clinically proven to kill up to 99.99 percent of pathogens in just eight seconds. Healthcare facilities across the country are adopting the units as part of a major overhaul of infection control programs based on lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is a meaningful gift for those host families whose primary concern is the health of their children,” said Oie Osterkamp, General Manager of Ronald McDonald House. “With medical partners who offer bone marrow transplants and other important treatments, we look after many children with weakened immune systems. It just makes so much sense to us. ”

Culture of health and safety

While the pandemic is currently restricting visitors to the Ronald McDonald House, efforts will continue to be made to ensure that host families and staff minimize the chance of infection transmission.

“The device fits in perfectly with the culture of the house,” said Katie Lowek, director of operations at RMH. “Our children were trendsetters, wearing masks long before the pandemic, and our families are very vigilant. This fits right in with our mission to keep children safe and healthy. Our families expect it. ”

It was this mission that encouraged Collier’s of Carolinas to donate the HealthySole unit. The daughter of Collier President Brian Krass was a Ronald McDonald House volunteer.

“When we think of everything that families go through, that extra level of protection means so much to them,” said Krass. “People intuitively understand that their shoes are not clean and this tool offers a solution. The ability to help families and co-workers come and go out of the Ronald McDonald House Sanctuary is deeply personal and important. ”

Growing understanding of prevention

Studies have identified pedestrian traffic as one of the ways pathogens spread in healthcare and other settings1as well as houses. However, it has been shown that a quick decontamination of the shoe sole reduces pathogens and can help to minimize the transmission of infectious diseases.2

“Providing safe environments for employees and the families they serve is at the core of what we do,” said Nelson Patterson, CEO of HealthySole. “We are honored to support Ronald McDonald House in his dedicated work to keep children healthy.”

Via Ronald McDonald House from Durham & Wake

The love-built Ronald McDonald House by Durham & Wake (RMH) provides a comfortable home away from home and community of support for families with injured or critically ill children receiving medical treatment in the Triangle. The Ronald McDonald House programs in Durham and Raleigh provide families with the comforts of home, including private bedrooms, inviting common areas, home-cooked meals and a well-equipped kitchen, game room, computer room and laundry facilities, and a network of support through interaction with other families Employees and volunteers. Ronald McDonald Families Rooms in hospitals at Duke and WakeMed Children’s Hospitals provide support for caregivers who are steps away from a child’s hospital bed. For more information visit www.RMHDurhamWake.orgFollow us on Twitter at @RMHDurhamWake or on #keepingfamiliesclose

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  2. Rashid T, et al., Evaluation of a Shoe Sole UVC Device to Reduce Pathogen Colonization on Soils, Surfaces, and Patients, Journal of Hospital Infection (2017),